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    [Landroval] Rivendell Challenge - Sat Sept 21 at 2:30pm server/EST - Forsaken Inn

    Join us for the second annual Rivendell Challenge,
    a cross-country war steed race on Saturday, September 21st
    at 2:30pm servertime (Eastern US) on Landroval!

    The race begins at the Forsaken Inn. Riders will make their way up Weathertop, through the Tornstones,
    across the Last Bridge, into the Stone-trolls' glade, and finally to the Last Homely House in Rivendell.

    Outfit and train your war steed as you see fit. Light, medium and heavy steeds are allowed.
    Speed enhancements which can be deactivated are not permitted.

    Top prize: 1,600 Turbine Points
    Second place: 10 gold
    Third place: 5 gold

    Arrive at the Inn early for roleplay and music.
    The race route map and checkpoint coordinates will be posted soon.
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    The race is only a few days away. Don't miss out on this epic war steed event!

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    FYI, we are still on EDT, unfortunately.
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    The race begins at an imaginary start line between a tree and road sign in front of the Forsaken Inn.

    Checkpoint One – Riders must pass between two stones in the ruins atop Weathertop,
    in either direction. Look for the unburied portion of a stone circle on the ground.

    View from one side.

    View from the other side.

    Checkpoint Two – Riders must pass between two stone structures at the Tornstones,
    heading east at 33.85S/29.0W.
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    Checkpoint Three – Cross the Last Bridge heading east into the Trollshaws.

    Checkpoint Four – Pass between two stone trolls in the Stone-Trolls Glade at 31.2S/18.2W
    in either direction. Look for two trolls with both hands off the ground.

    Finish Line – An imaginary line drawn between the statue of Gil-galad and a cedar tree
    in front of the Last Homely House in Rivendell.
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    Thirteen riders registered – Airbourne on Beaks, Artemeith on Byre, Baldigar on Keely, Craicwyth on Lossenmeril, Draugelen on Maximus, Finnson on Red, Flamehunter on Unbroken Will, Godwinewon on Zephyr, Kikilaa on Keely, Lelirnel on Dotty, Maerneth on Alagos, Orbag on Moneybag, and Thosialin on Steely Dan.The riders gathered at the Forsaken Inn for music, ale, and tales of races past. The sky threatened rain and orcs could be seen patrolling the road east. The Call to Post called the competitors to mount up and prepare for the race. Tensions were high and the steeds were reluctant to stand steady on the line. After a false start, a charging shout set the race in motion.

    The first checkpoint was a passage between jagged stones at the peak of Weathertop. The riders had to navigate the steep foothills and find one of the two paths up the historic landmark. Once there, they had to descend back down quickly without injuring their steeds. Those familiar with the “Hill of Wind” and surrounding area took an early lead.

    The race continued to the Tornstones where earth-kin watched the race with curiosity. The group turned down the Great East Road for an endurance run to the Last Bridge. Once into the Trollshaws, the goal was to visit the Stone-Trolls Glade, however Draugelen and Finnson lost the path and missed a checkpoint. Several other riders became disoriented and lost ground. Baldigar was defeated by bears lurking in the mountain woods and dropped out of the race.

    Beyond the glade, the remaining riders were free to find the safest, shortest path into Rivendell Valley. They galloped across the bridges and navigated the scenic landscape toward the Last Homely House. The finish line ran adjacent to the statue of Gil-galad. A small audience was on hand on witness the end of the long and difficult journey.

    Kikilaa crossed the finish line first, adding another victory to her career. Artemieth’s Byre proved to have great stamina and the pair finished in second place. Veteran rider Craicwyth came in third with Lossenmeril. Thosialin and Lelirnel were not far behind.

    Many thanks to our race judges – Byrcha, Kattalina, Lynxa, Miridial and Tinki. Congratulations to Miridial who won a Drum in the volunteer lottery. Thanks to Fortissimmo for covering the event.

    Please join us for our next event, the Solve A Mystery Contest, a roleplay event held at Windy Acres Ranch (9 Chestnut, Raglan, Bree-land homesteads). This event is similar to a “murder mystery party”. Prizes will be given for the first participants to correctly solve the mystery. We’ll also have a Halloween costume contest and party.
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