Hi all.

I've been a member of the game for a long time but have been playing on and off. I have recently started playing again and decided it was time to kit my hunter out to make her the most efficient for my play style.

I confess to being quite a noob at the game and don't have much idea what to use over others, other than ICPR and ICMR are handy to have as well as high agility.

I am not in a kin or anything, and have always played solo. I would like some advice on a couple of things please - primarily, what virtues should I be using? And also what is the best gear to look out for?

I'm a level 57 Elf Hunter who up until now has just been using any old virtues which happened to be the highest levels, and for gear mainly just looking at what deals most damage/gives most protection. I've tried searching for some guides and tips on some good virtues to use (and have tried levelling some up) however I notice from older ones that things become outdated and couldn't find anything recent. I would like an up to date rundown of my best bets before I continue levelling them.

I currently have slotted (after researching and changing) Valour (5), Zeal (6), Compassion (7), Tolerance (6) and Fidelity (4). Given that I am a solo player, are these a decent choice? Should I swap any of them out or keep trying to level these?

Also, which are the best traits to be looking for in terms of gear?

My other issue is my legendary weapons and their legacies. I think I've figured out some of the best legacies to look but any advice just to reassure would be great - including the best way to swap/add legacies so I can have exactly what I want on a weapon? My current ranged weapon only does 47.8DPS but I plan to purchase a level 59 bow of the third age as soon as I reach that level, so knowing the best way to get the best legacies on there when I have it would be great (and any tips on legacies and runes to use for soloing would be wonderful)

I do apologise for the long winded post and I know I've asked for a lot of advice but I have tried looking everywhere and thought best way would be to just ask... Any help you can give is very much appreciated - thank you!