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    Question Advice for a solo hunter?

    Hi all.

    I've been a member of the game for a long time but have been playing on and off. I have recently started playing again and decided it was time to kit my hunter out to make her the most efficient for my play style.

    I confess to being quite a noob at the game and don't have much idea what to use over others, other than ICPR and ICMR are handy to have as well as high agility.

    I am not in a kin or anything, and have always played solo. I would like some advice on a couple of things please - primarily, what virtues should I be using? And also what is the best gear to look out for?

    I'm a level 57 Elf Hunter who up until now has just been using any old virtues which happened to be the highest levels, and for gear mainly just looking at what deals most damage/gives most protection. I've tried searching for some guides and tips on some good virtues to use (and have tried levelling some up) however I notice from older ones that things become outdated and couldn't find anything recent. I would like an up to date rundown of my best bets before I continue levelling them.

    I currently have slotted (after researching and changing) Valour (5), Zeal (6), Compassion (7), Tolerance (6) and Fidelity (4). Given that I am a solo player, are these a decent choice? Should I swap any of them out or keep trying to level these?

    Also, which are the best traits to be looking for in terms of gear?

    My other issue is my legendary weapons and their legacies. I think I've figured out some of the best legacies to look but any advice just to reassure would be great - including the best way to swap/add legacies so I can have exactly what I want on a weapon? My current ranged weapon only does 47.8DPS but I plan to purchase a level 59 bow of the third age as soon as I reach that level, so knowing the best way to get the best legacies on there when I have it would be great (and any tips on legacies and runes to use for soloing would be wonderful)

    I do apologise for the long winded post and I know I've asked for a lot of advice but I have tried looking everywhere and thought best way would be to just ask... Any help you can give is very much appreciated - thank you!

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    I'm in a small Kin so I tend to solo a lot and I can tell you there are only two stats you ever need to worry about; Agility and Vitality.

    Agility is number one. If you have enough Agility then the rest of your stats won't matter. I focus on Vitality when Agility isn't an option. As far as your virtues (I don't have the info in front of me so forgive me for my lack of info) but I would pick the 3 with the highest Agility and 2 with the highest Vitality. Others will disagree and frankly they could be right. That's just how I play it.

    As far as I'm concerned your traits are simply up to how you like playing your character. I'd find an area a few levels lower than you and test all of them. Won't hurt.

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    Continuing on from DirkBadgewick, choose whatever virtue traits you feel most happy with, and I say this from two reasons:

    1) At the moment, due to extreme stat increases with the previous expansion of Rise of Isengard, the stat contributions of virtue traits has become quite insignificant, and so the bonuses they give are not as powerful as they once were, making them less important.
    2) There is an upcoming class revamp expected to arrive with Helm's Deep at the end of this year, and this expansion is set to change the current trait system, which could entirely remove the virtue trait system, or move it somewhere else.

    Next, I wouldn't worry about traits, legendary items and gear until you reach the level cap, which for now, is 85, but will become 95 with Helm's Deep.

    Once at 85, if you have purchased the Rohan expansion/quest pack, there is a location known as 'Hytbold' which is essentially the heaven for solo players, as it eventually rewards you with end-game 85 gear which is very viable for current 85 instances and raids.

    Similarly, a second age 85 weapon can be acquired solo without running any group instances, either by completing skirmishes and buying one in the skirmish camp, or by purchasing one off of the auction house, which would be very cheap as Helm's Deep is close by - but that is another thing; since Helm's Deep is coming up, I recommend that when you get to 85, you don't spend a huge amount of time acquiring good armour or weapons from Eastern Rohan, as you will be able to find better gear in the new expansion of West Rohan (Helm's Deep).
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    some rather simple and easy advice to give would be to not spend too long on an LI before level cap. if you swap a 3rd age every 3-5 levels whilst keeping the crit legacies on them and maxing the DPS amount being the priority. At level cap there's so much to do to really get one to max potential you don't want to be sick of it.

    as for traits, there's different situations where one set is better than another and this has implications for the third stat priority too, fate. if you find yourself soloing to have lots of short burst fights,then going 5 red for cool burn may suit. If you have longer fights, having more fate for icpr is necessary. plus traiting 5 blue for improved fleetness may give you a more sustained DPS.

    an important note is specific skills are level gated. for improved fleetness to be its most useful you will need improved penetrating shot. as without it and that cooldown on the standard skill, you may not be able to actually spend the focus!

    good luck
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    My hunter character is my favorite. As far as virtues go, I try to equip the ones with +x Maximum Morale and +x Vitality. Hunters do not have many healing moves in or out of combat, save for Agile Rejoinder. Having a large morale buff helps when you are fighting bosses with a lot of health, or multiple mobs. As far as class traits, I find that many players have a combat "pattern" which they find early in game. For example, I always use Swift Bow, then Barbed Arrow, then Quick Shot if the mob still hasn't reached me, then Penetrating Shot. Choose your race traits and class traits that meld with your combat pattern the best.
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    My Skill Rotations

    Every time I fight a boss or multiple mobs. First I lay down a trap or snare. Then: Focus, Needful Haste, Swift Arrow, Barbed Arrow, Quick Shot (if mob hasnt reached me), Penetrating Shot, and then Swift or Barbed arrow. This way I can have faster inductions at the start, but still reach full-capacity-focus, so I can deliver a Pen. Shot and/or Merciful Shot.
    When fighting melee, I simply keep using whatever skill reloads next. Blindside is an awesome attack because it builds 3 Focus, so you can use Pen. Shot right after it or wait to do Merciful Shot ,which requires 6 focus, of foci .

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    Quote Originally Posted by AdmiralDonk View Post

    I am not in a kin or anything, and have always played solo. I would like some advice on a couple of things please - primarily, what virtues should I be using? And also what is the best gear to look out for?
    For virtues I would stick with Zeal, Valour, determination, tolerance as your base four. Those will give you solid vitality and agility boosts with some mitigations. The fifth is really up to you, I built my hunter for PvP so you'll just have to pick what you want, however tacticial mitigation is a good way to go. The best gear really is a hard discussion as you level... On the one hand we could advise you to get a level 60 crafted jewelry set, only to see you out level it. So the question becomes are you going to push cap or play casually? If your going to push cap, then just use quest gear/drops and what you can scrounge around on the AH for minimal gold. If your going to be casual and go through the regions and explore (a great way to go on hunter) then I would always shoot for the best crafted gear of the fives. Meaning level 60,65,70,75... etc. You can stop and get specific instance drops if you want but crafted level cap gear should suffice for solo play. Good luck and enjoy the hunter its a great toon.



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