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    Quick Shot isn't Quick

    Hey all
    Not sure if this has been brought up before or there is a solution for it but as I have been playing my hunter lately I've noticed that my quick shot isn't very quick. As an example I'll be moving a long and using skills like swift arrow or pen shot and then I decide to throw in a quick shot and it takes about three seconds before the induction is even started. If I were to use quick shot right after the last quick shot it begins right after the last quick shot. So is this the animation if so is there a skill that you can do to cut it off and start the skill faster? This "lag" isn't just for quick shot it has happened to other skills like barb arrow and scourging blow rotation but the quick shot is were you really notice it. In the upcoming revamps for hunters would be nice if the skills flowed a little more together.
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    Its not your imagination, Quick Shot is (indeed) NOT quick. Never has been. On the bright side, it doesn't require Focus...

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    You can queue a focus-costing shot (eg. Pen Shot, Blood Arrow, Rain of Arrows) after a Quick Shot to make things "move" faster in terms of feel.
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    The skill itself is relatively quick, as far as induction skills go. Short induction, with a rather short post-skill animation delay(these are generally intended). The trick is to develop a rotation of skills that alternate quick and slow/etc. Spamming quick shot you'll see that it isn't too slow, trying to use quick shot after barbed arrow, you'll notice that barbed arrow has a clunker of an animation delay. For a quick and dirty comparison(not recommending this as a dps rotation necessarily), try QS, pen shot, barbed arrow, pen shot. You'll notice a much smoother feel to the skills, and anytime you feel the clunk in your rotation, you'll know it is time to rethink and make some adjustments.

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    Not sure how long the induction is, my skills stopped showing induction time for some reason. Are you blue traited? red? nmxed? Because if im red traited, I cannot stand the long inductions. I think qs is at .8 induction blue? Not sure though.
    On that note, anyone else experiencing invisible induction time on their tooltips?

    Also if you can avoid it, dont use back to back inductions. The delays from doing so start to cut dps. With that said, make sure you manage focus so that you dont resort to qs qs qs. Even just qs spamming isnt too slow if you are blue traited. I qs alot since its a good rotation skill as well as a fast and efficient focus regen.
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    There was once a skill upgrade idea of removing the induction from quickshot. When it was tested in Beta, it was found to be THE skill to use. You could get really good DPS just by spamming it since there was no cooldown time. So in the a subsequent Beta patch, it was changed to include a 1s animation delay (same time as the induction currently), this of course made the rhythm of the class entirely screwy.

    From where I was sitting, the obvious answer was to just add a 1.5 second Cooldown. That would have improved the skill, pacing and DPS output, while putting enough of a throttle on it that you had to keep rotating your skills. Unfortunately, the idea of the inductionless quickshot was scrapped entirely due to time constraints of launching RoI.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patriotp3a View Post
    Not sure how long the induction is, my skills stopped showing induction time for some reason
    On that note, anyone else experiencing invisible induction time on their tooltips?
    Some clever dude from Turbine decided that they should change them so that "All effects will display the exact time remaining down to the second, no matter how long their duration."

    Then they found out they went too far in rounding down numbers, and "Fixed skill cool downs to once again show multiple significant places (i.e. minutes and seconds) when appropriate."

    But we're still stuck with a blank induction if it's below 1.
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    Your understanding of skill execution is flawed. If you use skill A and then queue up skill B, the delay between skill A and B is caused by skill As attack duration + animation not B. For a hunter Barbed Arrow, Merciful Shot and Heart Seeker have worst attack duration of all. To counter this "lag" as you call it you need to use a "Fast" skill like Pen Shot or Blood Arrow after since these skills ignore attack duration and have very small attack duration themselves and then bring in QS. QS itself is not a "Fast" skill but its attack duration is extremely small and its animation is rather fast as well. This is where working on your rotation comes into the dps equation and has a greater impact than many would imagine.

    If you have time stamper try MS>QS>PS vs MS>PS>QS. The second rotation will be much faster and offer a smoother lag free feel to it.



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