After playing Warden since Moria launch, I have finally gotten bored and decided to switch to a cappy as my main. I have a few questions regarding moors and a few advanced traits I haven't acquired yet.

Improved Muster Courage
-Does this give my party the same heal it gives me when traited?
-Is the legacy on the weapon or emblem?

Improved Blade of Elendil
-At high level what is the maximum crit this ads?
-How much damage does it do endgame with the 40% increase between legacy and trait?

Valiant Strike
-Does this heal me and my fellowship, or just the fellowship?

Legendary Traiting
- Is full red the best in the moors if typically running solo or in small groups of 2-3?
- Is the final red trait legacy worth 5 red traits, or is it better to run 4 red, 3 blue?

Crit Rate
-Can cappies easily reach the crit cap of 25%?
-Does the traited devestating blow and pressing attack crit ad to cap? If I get max crit should I drop it?

-Writing this post im currently level 48, I feel a little squishy, even with the best crafted armor for my level. Does this change?