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    New blood in the Ettenmoors

    Hi, My Rune-keeps name is Anzelm and I am a nob, especially in the Ettenmoors. Please do not hold that against me. I know it and everyone else in the Moors does too. I still have fun. But activity in the Moor’s has been dying over the last couple years.

    Everyone has their own ideas as to why. As a Nob Ill offer my opinion. A lot of the hi ranking vets are going to hate me for this. As a low rank Nob my biggest frustration was not being able to go much farther than two feet out side of GV without getting ganked by a group of creeps like I was scraps to be fought over. It does not take 8 hi rank creeps to kill me. But when pickings are slim, *shrugs*And I know it goes the other way too.

    So I am suppose to group up if I want to go anywhere there. That would be fine but for the Vets that look down on Freeps like me and won’t let you in there group. When you do get lucky to get into a group you get accuse of working for the other side if you make any mistakes. So you get labeled and no one wants you in their group. Back to square one being creep scraps to be fought over. Hard to have fun that way.

    I do have a sense of hummer, I can laugh at myself and run back to the fight. I know I have a lot to learn, but it is hard to get into the PvMP when you are just learning and you are constantly feeling like you have no chance and are looked down upon. Pretty much all caused by those hi rankers “both sides” that think so much of themselves and think the Moor’s should revolve around them.

    But things are starting to change. The vets are getting tired of not finding enough activity to really keep them interested and they are transferring to more active PvMP severs by the droves. The Moor’s are getting less populated by hi ranker’s and the ones that are staying are those that just want to have some fun and do not take the game so serious. I do not mean to bash the vets, they play the way they know how too. But things would get real fun if more people ventured over into the Ettenmoors . The Moors on Windfola is ripe for a new influx of players. There is room to grow and learn again. And there are a lot of vets that are willing to teach because they too would like to see things more active. You can now run around more without getting ganked so bad. The big raids do not usually form till later in the evening.

    So I hope to see more people out there playing both sides, killing each other, goofing off and just having fun. Drag your whole kin over for a night of something different. Or just solo. Out-running a craid till you run into a fraid can be a thrill. I’ll be there.
    Anzelm of Windfola
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    repeat threads is against COC. next time search to see if your topic has been posted. in your case the first version of this post happened back in 2009.

    ok enough sarcasm windy moors is dead yes, has been for coming up on 4 years now. as many ppl have said and you yourself have said, if you want even the slightest chance at pvp in this game now, #### windy.

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    If you want new blood in the moors, you are going to have make an effort to bring it in. Recruit and build newbie raids to teach them the ropes, where the quests are, how to get maps, how to trait, how to gear, where you hang out, how to move, all of that. There is a major barrier to new blood in how much weaker it is than even the mid-ranked creeps and freeps. I would be happy to do some training of newbies as well.
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    Fist of all a major hug to Rosc, lovely to see you are still playing - and if you can have Rosc as your teacher and friend out there, you will do great, he is a fantastic and genuinely nice player ^^

    To the OP - yes, your thread mirrors the pet peeve I have had with the Windy moors for quite a while. I have heard this in tells so often from players, who I ended talking to as they seemed very lost in the moors. It was always the same, newcomers felt intimidated and looked down upon, were either too shy to ask for groups or at times tried and ended ignored or felt the established players they grouped with did not make them feel wanted/welcome. Windy moors over the times has through that, I believe, lost many potential freeps/creeps who could have brought enthusiasm to the fight. And you know.. it is not even just you newcomers, but some of us moor players who have played for a while, but either took breaks or are not as regular as others, can end feeling alien in the Windy moors just the same. I am like you a player who has always been out there to laugh and just have good natured fun. I don't care one bit about dying, never have, but of course if you spend all your time just running back from the rez, that doesn't just pixel kill your character over and over but your spirits too, and you start feeling ever 'noobier', and as if others must think you are a total failure that you can't keep yourself alive.. and then of course can come upsetting comments that you are feeding the other side, too. One sees 'vets' surviving, but often they work in small teams, and even if not, they have the gear to take more blows. It can be highly frustrating and depressing, but huuuuuge kudos to you for coming to the forum with it, to tell your story. So many just give up, and because they never tell why.. if one does try to tell others in the moors that this is happening, they don't believe it/call you a drama maker or doomsayer.

    In my view what keeps being overlooked is that while newcomers might not bring much infamy or reknown into a situation - they do bring fun and spirit to the moors, which to me counts a million times more than getting the next rank. As much as I am a solo player in pve, in the moors I actually loved to group back in the days when it felt all of us windy freeps and creeps shared a connection (despite some of the drama). It did not last long unfortunately.. it fell apart somehow, and ever since I have been mourning its loss :'/

    Either way though, the best to you, and I hope your observations are correct, and that the Windy moors will see great fun battles again. With falling numbers on the server overall though (or at least that's how it appears to me).. I am not sure how much it can pick up again. If Windy would be set on top of the list, like Withy was, new players would flow in. That might really could turn the tide, and then I'd be happy to come back, but as it stands.. I just feel disheartened and am looking to go elsewhere -.-



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