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    item experience rune vendor?

    I have so MANY of these low level item experience gems and they take time to use as well as bank space. It would be nice if there was a vendor that I could trade them up kinda like how the crafting guild will give you a medium item for 7 smalls or a large for 5 mediums.

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    i just vendor them, at leist some silver then
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    I just use them as soon as I get them on my junk Legendary Items.

    You level them faster and get more relics and shards to use later in a shorter time.

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    A trade-up vendor would be nice, even if the trade resulted in a loss of IXP. I'd gladly lose some IXP to save my fingers doing a clickfest and save some inventory space.

    When my characters are in Moria I'd use the low value ones in conjunction with saved up Rusted Dwarf Tools and Khudzul Tablets. Trade for a bunch of junk LIs then slot them, level them above level 1, and decon them for relics. Nowadays I just sell the excess to a vendor.
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