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    Congratulations First Marshal Cornbred


    You're a good guy and always a key player to have in any group format. One of the most prolific players of all time on brandywine, no doubt. Congratulations on this hard earned and much deserved honor.

    -Leg the RK
    Legendas the Rune-keeper.
    Commander of the Ettenmoors
    Officer, Brotherhood of the Shadow

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    Grats Corn! Always enjoy playing with you. You're a good guy and a good player and leader too. Keep it up out there!
    [COLOR=#800080][B][SIZE=1]Second Marshall Adanelriel Willbreaker,[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=#999999][B][SIZE=1] Mistress Over Fear[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=#008000][B][SIZE=1] and lover of bog-lurkers[/SIZE][/B].[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#a52a2a][SIZE=1][B][SIZE=1]~Adan - Incendiary Expert[/SIZE][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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    gratz Corn
    Second Marshall Tarpelion/Commander Huntarp/Master guardsman Vindicto

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    Morgantown, WV
    Gratz, Cornbred. Way to go, my friend.
    Jeffaman-Guarding Hobbit Jeffro-Burgling Hobbit Tinulaurien-Elf Lore Master Cephus-Champion of Men Lilnooblet-Hunting Hobbit Jeffrandir-Snooty Elf Rune-keeper- All of Brandywine
    Long live the halflings! Praise them with great praise!
    RIP Nidor - Brandywine's bravest warrior

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    Congratulations First Marshal Cornbred

    Congrats Corn. Onward to rank 15. Glad to tag along and heal ya while you kill stuff.


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    Well congrats to my new fav hunter of the moors! Glad I got to help you along the way, (can pick up arrows at Grams). Sorry I wasn't on to see you hit it but am glad you did! We have had some fun times and laughs along the way! Huggs and grats Corn!

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    You would've been r15 by now if your baby would behave. Gratz

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    Gratz corn ..way to go

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    grats corn ... way to keep pluggin away buddy. There's nothing like having a drunk cornbred in your raids/grps lol. classic
    Jmez Warbringer The Warlord

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    Grats dewd, Jmez said it best though haha <3
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