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    Congratulations First Marshal Cornbred


    You're a good guy and always a key player to have in any group format. One of the most prolific players of all time on brandywine, no doubt. Congratulations on this hard earned and much deserved honor.

    -Leg the RK
    Legendas the Rune-keeper.
    Commander of the Ettenmoors
    Officer, Brotherhood of the Shadow

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    Grats Corn! Always enjoy playing with you. You're a good guy and a good player and leader too. Keep it up out there!
    [COLOR=#800080][B][SIZE=1]Second Marshall Adanelriel Willbreaker,[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=#999999][B][SIZE=1] Mistress Over Fear[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=#008000][B][SIZE=1] and lover of bog-lurkers[/SIZE][/B].[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#a52a2a][SIZE=1][B][SIZE=1]~Adan - Incendiary Expert[/SIZE][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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    Congratulations to you, good and honourable ally of mine, Cornbred!

    You earned this last title and promotions before the top and yet there is quite long way till there!

    But... if all good for everyone, we're all here around and always up to group up together, in order to have fun by playing together!

    Your baby that we hear usually in mic has a good and kind daddy!

    Enjoy man and to many more fights side by side!


    Enesoulas TBOA

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    Dec 2011
    gratz Corn
    Second Marshall Tarpelion/Commander Huntarp/Master guardsman Vindicto

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    Morgantown, WV
    Gratz, Cornbred. Way to go, my friend.
    Jeffaman-Guarding Hobbit Jeffro-Burgling Hobbit Tinulaurien-Elf Lore Master Cephus-Champion of Men Lilnooblet-Hunting Hobbit Jeffrandir-Snooty Elf Rune-keeper- All of Brandywine
    Long live the halflings! Praise them with great praise!
    RIP Nidor - Brandywine's bravest warrior

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    Congratulations First Marshal Cornbred

    Congrats Corn. Onward to rank 15. Glad to tag along and heal ya while you kill stuff.


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    Well congrats to my new fav hunter of the moors! Glad I got to help you along the way, (can pick up arrows at Grams). Sorry I wasn't on to see you hit it but am glad you did! We have had some fun times and laughs along the way! Huggs and grats Corn!

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    You would've been r15 by now if your baby would behave. Gratz

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    Gratz corn ..way to go

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    May 2007
    grats corn ... way to keep pluggin away buddy. There's nothing like having a drunk cornbred in your raids/grps lol. classic
    Jmez Warbringer The Warlord

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    Grats dewd, Jmez said it best though haha <3
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    Some Hunter Named Tulon
    Some Warg Named Drooid
    Some WarLeader Named WhatsThisButtonDo



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