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    I wanna know your opionion guys, is this 5 traited line into late game good? Cuz allways wanna be "buffing" minstrel then only spam healing... What Legacies is needed for this??
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    If by late game you are implying T2(C) raids at level cap, then I wouldn't recommend it. Dual tales from capstone are nice, but you do loose out on extra healing power from the third blue trait that I personally find more helpful in endgame raids. Four yellow/three blue gets your anthem duration and cooldown to max, allowing you to play around with anthems while leaving room for a third blue trait to improve your healing. You don't have quite the raw healing output that a 4-blue trait setup offers, but depending on how you handle your anthems may bring utility to the group that makes up for that (and you certainly won't be "spamming heals" this way, or at least shouldn't to make the most of your trait setup).

    Blue traits I always take are Life-singer and Silver Tongue, the third is either Focused Performance or Improved Raise the Spirit depending on content (these days, mostly IRtS). Yellow, Glorious Anthem and Smooth Voice are a must-have to optimise anthem duration/cooldown, the others are really up to personal preference, since the important part here isn't in the traits themselves but in the 4-set bonus to anthem duration/cooldown.

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    I agree with Bramor.

    4 yellow / 3 blue is your best bet for raiding content.

    However, you could easily trait 5 yellow to heal 3 mans and such. Sometimes I go 5 yellow and 2 red to 'Minitank' 3 mans. It's fun and I love dual tales!
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