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    LOTROWiki Vilya Kinship List - PLEASE READ

    I am trying to update the LOTRO Wiki Vilya Kinships page...

    I would really appreciate help of any kind, If you are a member/officer/leader of one of the following Kinship's or happen to know for sure that a Kinship no longer exists, then please reply to this thread so I can mark your kinship as active... I dont intend to delete any content on LOTRO Wiki, just add an 'Active' or 'Disbanded' sign next to kinship's name in order to help those looking for a Kinship in Vilya, as the list is most certainly out of date.

    Ive added a Green text to Kinship's I know for certain to still be active...


    Allied Knights
    Amethyst Coven
    Angarain Erain
    Band of Unlikely Heroes
    Brandywine Refugees
    Bree-land United Minerals
    Bricks and Mordor
    Captains of Middle Earth
    Children of Illuvatar
    The Communist Party
    Cool Horses Alliance
    Covenant of the Sword
    Crown of Creation
    Czech Division
    Depart to the Grey Havens
    Descendants of War
    The Eternal Guardians
    The Family
    The Estate of Tahlib Salaam
    Forsaken Fools
    The Guides of Middle Earth
    Has Powerful Friends
    The Holy Order
    Horselords of the Riddermark
    It Is Not This Day
    Knights of Numenor
    Knights of Valour
    Last Alliance
    The Lone Wolves
    Lords of Rivendell
    The Mellowship
    Path of the Broken Fellowship
    Protectors of the White Tree
    Royal Vindicators
    Samurai Soldiers
    Soldiers of the Isles
    Sons of Northern Darkness
    Southern Comfort
    Southern Cross
    Tirn uin Tawar: Watchers of the Great-Wood
    United Races
    Wards Of Eriador
    Warriors Against the Darkness
    Warriors of the West
    The Watchers of Arnor
    The Winged Hussars
    Worst Guild Ever
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