It's been such a long time since I had a chance to properly play that I'd not be surprised if no one remembers me now. I recall my time in LOtRO as fondly as I recall the many and varied colourful characters of the Laurelin RP community. For those wondering, I was (and still am when chance presents itself) Eacanwyn/Jenn, Ilaru, Blaecwyn and Mithithiel, to name a few of my army of alts over the years.

Unfortunately, as the days pass the memory becomes fuzzy, so what follows is a shameless piece of self-promotion based on promises made long ago although, by now, I'm not certain who to or if these people are still around:

Those who followed the (often daily) diary entries of Ilaru on the Laurelin Archives, or spoke with me through /tell or in the LRPA channel, may recall my mentioning my future plans of publishing a book. Many asked me to let them know when that day came, but lacking a list of names or a memory any more reliable than that of a lobotomised carp, I've found myself unable to do so person-by-person. So, instead, I'll post here and hope they see it.

Shadowrise is the first book in my Assassin's Legacy quadrilogy. I'd rather not go into detail here since this is a game forum and my novel is not connected to LOtRO or the magnificent world of Tolkien's creation. Suffice to say; for those interested, it can be purchased through ( as well as on several other of their country-specific sites. It is also available through the lending library for those with Amazon Prime.

That said, how is the server these days? I rather miss playing and the RP especially.