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    IRC invite

    Hello My Friends of Laurelin

    IRC - Internet Relay Chat, many will be familiar with as came about like 15 years ago but still works very effectively as a sort of global chat room based on servers with different rooms etc.

    As such to keep in touch with my lotro friends a few of us have set up a server and would like to invite you to log in and just chat to whoever is about if it suits you to do so.

    It has been handy for organising events and general chat when alt-tabbed from LOTRO client etc. Not for everyone's taste I suppose but you welcome to use if just fancy a chat with some lotro friends.

    Server name: Xerath
    Server address: irc.xerath.eu
    No password.
    On login do /join #lotrofriends

    I can recommend 2 clients:
    Net Talk, totally free, fairly easy to use; http://www.ntalk.de/Nettalk/en/
    mIRC, most downloaded client (I use) but is shareware after 30 days you either pay or put up with 10-15s annoying splash on login (but still free if you put up with that splash at start); http://www.mirc.co.uk/
    Most IRC clients are very customisable in terms of look and feel as default fonts and colours are not for everyones taste but I like that they don't use much resource and I can happily run IRC and minimize to tray when watching a film or playing LOTRO and easy to touch base with people.

    Anyway perhaps see you around


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    Leader: Les Adorables Raiding Kinship on Laurelin
    Network Admin: irc.xerath.eu join us today in #lotrofriends for a chat on lotro !



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