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    One Final Goodbye

    Even though 95% of the people who play on the server now/read the forums will have no clue who I am anymore, I figured I would say goodbye to the place ive called home since way back in 2006. Ive played this game since the very beginning(not something im real proud of but whatever), and built an unimaginable amount of awesome memories with people I loved and hated. I'm not putting my /played because it is a little bit embarrassing at this point. Either way, im ending this thread with some of my favorite screenshots ive compiled over the years(even though I got a new computer and lost all my screenshots of the glory days of this game back in SoA in the level 50 days). Even though I've been almost uncountable hours trash talking this game because of things I didn't like, I kept logging in because it had me hooked. I figured I would post this in the PvP Forums because that's truly what I loved doing in this game.Anyways, I guess im just saying Goodbye one last time to all the people I used to play with. Sorry for the wall of text by the way.

    P.S.- If you have any old school screenshots that you feel like posting, post them here cause I don't know why but I find a lot of enjoyment out of looking at screenshots from back in the day.

    Uploaded with ImageShack.com
    Because lol and this was back when the game was still fun

    Uploaded with ImageShack.com
    Typical Bad Guys group stacking those WL's, but I still loved em

    Uploaded with ImageShack.com
    Lining up about to ride to our deaths with some good people(there is a ziir raid of about 20 waiting in the warg den just ahead)

    Uploaded with ImageShack.com
    Hitting r9 on my warg shortly after Moria released, one of my proudest moments in this game(Rank 9 back then was a f***ing GRIND)

    Uploaded with ImageShack.com
    Man do I miss a good old Renegades raid
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