Hi, I read the post about loremaster tanking, and realistically speaking this can only be done through dps. A lot of people said they would go for very high tactical mastery to get their damage up but I did some stuff today that out my crit up to 10k unbuffed which is 22.6%. This really increased my DPS, I think I got about 1.7k dps on the boss of school so single target - I out speed a DPS guard and a tanking mini. What I didn't realise is that it put my tactical mastery down to about 26k which is about 99%. my Q is should I take out some crit down to a reasonable level to get my tact mastery up, or try and get my tact mastery up but not sacrifice any crit -doing this won't get my tact mastery nearly as high. say if I had 40k tactical mastery but only 6.5k crit would my DPS go up or down??