I recently saw this thread that was a poll to nominate players who other players deemed "well-played" for the year. I find this thread to be a decent PVMP community poll and I think maybe Nim could benefit from it too. Many times these threads do get locked because of flaming people so lets try to keep this fun and not participate in the so-called flaming (https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...MP-Awards-2013) <----the thread I looked at

No voting for yourself but you should try to vote for at least one person in every class freep and creep. Again no flaming people, in fact, to avoid such occassion just PM me your vote and I will start a tally and post the ones awarded with the winning amounts of votes. Your vote should be based on the person playing fairly and skillfully. The votes should be based on this year meaning January - December. Just remember that this is just for fun and no reward will actually be given its just a community thing that might bring back a little fun and release some of the personal vendettas that have accumulated since I started playing last year.

Let's see if we can't have some community fun and some maturity to go with it and see where we get.

There is no need to list a reason for voting for who you do. If you don't know of any player from the classes you are voting from just leave it blank