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    Keepers of Silmarils are recruiting!

    Keepers of Silmarils [mixed race, non-RP]

    The Keepers of Silmarils are recruiting! Below you'll find a summary of what we have to offer. All we expect in return, is for our members to represent the kin with pride.
    That means good behaviour (both in and outside the kin) in the form of: no name calling, no ragequitting, no trolling in global, no switching to the stronger side in PvP, limited use of bad language, etc.
    We're an old kin that's held in high regards on Laurelin. Our low level members will be provided with items, advice, and help when they ask for it. Our high level members will be provided with the same, and on top of that we offer daily/weekly action in the form of 3-6-12 mans in PvE and PvP. Although we do have a crack at T2 endgame raids, do not expect us to finish them without a struggle. But hey, it ain't fun if it's too easy right? If you want your T2 HM raids done, we're not the kin for you. If you wish daily PvE/PvP action with friendly, mature and (often ) skilled players, we are most definitely the kin for you!

    One of the oldest kins on the server
    Mature (18+ policy)
    Very newbie friendly
    All classes, levels and races are welcome to join our ranks.
    Daily 2-6 man instances
    Daily PvP small group action
    Weekly (1-3x) PvP raids lead by a Keeper (some weeks more than others)
    Low level Keeper project (we do PvE raids on our level 60-65 alts atm, soon we'll raise the cap to 75)
    Activity is preferred, but not a requirement!

    For more information, visit our website, or contact our officers ingame (Calthoras/Calminayon, Redstaw, Thuruglir, Aeleann, Dedhuil).
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    Leader of the Keepers of Silmarils



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