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    Worth the money?

    I'm thinking of transferring to Brandy for pvp. Is it worth the money?

    I would be bringing a mid-ranked captain (rank 10). I would just level a new toon, but i gotta admit i'm way to lazy haha :P. I've tried creepside on Brandy, and the fights seems pretty epic compared to what i'm used to, but I don't like creep and freep on the same server (to reduce drama) so I didn't really get a great taste of what it is like. Also, I noticed it was a lot of GV/TR shuffles. Do you guys still have good "open field" RvR? And...not only good RvR, but also decent solo-6 man action? Also, one last question (probably the most important):

    How is the community in the Moors???


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    The PVP on server certainly is loud enough, not sure if super active (summer weeks it rarely is)

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    There's always something happening, whether it's RvR, small group v small group, freep zerg, or creep zerg. I enjoy it though Well worth it imo phoenix <3 Hope to see you out here.

    btw I think you should creep instead, you know you wanna come to the dark side >;D
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    Honestly, if you're planning on spending money, transfer to a completely different game for your PvP fix; it doesn't exist on Brandywine, or any other server for that matter. Unless you really do like Requires-No-Skill-To-Follow-The-Zerg-And-Stay-On-Target-Assist-PvP.

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    If you lead raids, yes x1000, please come.



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