Hail Nimrodlians!

I and a few others from different kins are going to be hosting a server wide event which we hope will encourage people to meet others in the community.

It will be a big event starting in Bree at the Prancing Pony, to meet others in the Nimrodel community and to have fun over a few activities. It will be on Monday the 26th August at 14:00pm EST (server time).
Here is the timetable:

Event timings:
13:45: Guests arrive and socialise
14:00: Band 1 (name to be decided)
14:15: Band 2 (Flock and Roll)
14:30: Bree number competition
15:00: Parade to the fields
15:15: 1v1 Sparring madness

If you have any questions, ask on this post, or mail Navalgar (me) in game

Thanks for reading,