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    Flight to the Lonely Mountain becoming unplayable

    On my server (crickhollow) flight is becoming unplayable because when a wave spawns, the game freezes for about 3 seconds. When we unfreeze, the mobs are running over the group because the tank hasn't been able to grab aggro. Obviously this is annoying because some of us are finding it impossible to get our T2 deeds. This isn't only happening on Flight, it is becoming increasingly noticeable in any instance when a group of mobs spawn in one spot. I was wondering whether people on other servers are experiencing this or whether it is limited to Crick?
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    This happens too on my main server, Imladris.

    There is also a weird lag of several seconds on a mob in SotGG T2 (but it doesn't matter there)

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    Same on Laurelin a few weeks ago.... We experienced raid-wide, 5+ seconds of lag whenever a summoner-heavy wave spawned.

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    See these two threads : https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...ly-Mountain-T2 and https://www.lotro.com/forums/showthr...n-T2-challenge

    Bottom line is everyone is experiencing the same lags on all the servers. It happens close to 100% of the time on the waves that have 4 summoners (with 8 cats) and sometimes with the other waves.
    It makes the fight much harder (and random) than it should be, but not unbeatable : it was taken down at least 3 times (by 2 different kinships) on Sirannon, and someone on Estel claims to have completed it too.
    I have played Flight to the Lonely Mountain on two different servers since 11.2 and the lags were just the same on both.

    As some said, those "on spawn" lags are not only happening in Flight To the Lonely Mountain : the second boss in the Fire Wing of Fornost is a good example. From our end, it looks like update 11.2 introduced some lag/freeze that happen when mobs spawn, and the fact that it always happens with summoner-heavy waves tends to show it could be connected to (or amplified by) the number of mobs that spawn.
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    I'm on Crick and have given up on all 12mans and moors raids due to freezes and skill lag making them unplayable.

    Some 6mans are also getting as bad.

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    I'm on Vanyar and yesterday we had group-wide freezes all over the place, we failed the "Lost Temple: Synchronized Slaughter" deed because of multi-second total freeze for everyone.
    It's just like the infamous U6 problems, if not worse, currently.

    Fornost Wraith of Fire is at least predictable and only really bad before the fight starts, and it's not related to any challenge, but something is clearly very wrong at Turbine's Data Centre again, you can blame it on "the internet" as often as you want, it can't be the real problem, IMHO.

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    As Turbine keeps tellings us, its our computers or ISP. Nothing going on here, these are not the raids you are looking for...

    I think Turbine has now moved on from this, I don't think it will ever get fixed, all time is now being spent on HD. So move along....

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    Quantar beat me to it: according to Turbine, you all have sub-par computers and sucky Internet connections. I recommend changing your ISP provider for nothing less than 200/400 and spending an extra 2k on CPU/GPU/RAM/SSD upgrades. Please share your performance results.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamesm429 View Post
    all time is now being spent on HD. So move along....
    Anyone else worried?
    I'd love to know how they are going to handle "big battles" if they can't currently cope with 12 man raids. What is their definition of "big"?

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    I am afraid that the general opinion is that we are complaining and trolling. You cannot say an single thing nowdays about server freeze/lag because *obvious* is not Turbine's fault, is ours, by different reasons.
    For doing Flight T2 challenge or not you need to be lucky and have an good day. Sometimes you barely can do first pull, sometimes is working as intended. Lately is became worst, almost all attempts being impossible to run. So we stoped playing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jamesm429 View Post
    I think Turbine has now moved on from this, I don't think it will ever get fixed, all time is now being spent on HD. So move along....
    Yes, you have right. We can see this happening since an while, and we ALL know since when: Dunland/Rohan. Dont make sense to speak about fixing because in my opinion, this cannot be solved. In WoW you press the toon and in 20 sec you enter in game with an office type desktop. In Lotro you need 1 min with an I7, 16gb ram, SSD and high end video card. With an office desktop, that can reach between 2-5 min for example. The way the game is builded is the issue and the lag will became worst and worst with each update.

    Oh, and the Big Battles will be an lag fest.
    And no, is not trolling. And is not constructive also. But is just the way I react when i see how this wonderful game destroyed each year more and more and not being fixed.
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    Going for new big-time features without fixing issues that are here for 2+ years... Turbine are doing everything to catch new players and clearly shows they do not care about old ones who encounter old issues evey day. This is moving to completely marketing driven game now - advertising something shiny that may of course not work at all as described, but you cannot claim a refund here, can you ?

    I have given up on LOTRO.
    I don't expect anything good to happen in the short future this game may still have. This way, if somehow but very unexpected, they do manage to produce something that may eventually count as "good" I will be quite pleased.
    The other way - to expect what they are advertising as a blast only proved to be a great dissapointment for me...

    To the original poster and all that experience this issue - get a better computer and if this does not help - get a better game.
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