And idea hit me today a new LIs system.Dont worry it s just name is LI not from those legendary junks. There was a advertisiment aragorn had anduril what do you have named. Aragorn used anduril for all his life of fight and war. So we need and permanent customisable weapon. Like here it is there will be an solo instance you can do at 45 or 50 you ll go to a cave in eregion or room in moria you find some broken pieces belongs to a weapon but all pieces you pick the one you want like sword spear or axe... this time elf/man takes it to forges of rivendell dwarf/hobbit takes it to thorins hall and wants smiths to repair it by your commands like you will be able to customize its looking what made of and etc... You pick gold and rohirrim style looking for the hilt (talking about random stats) gold will give you +Might and you want the blade part as elven style like the ones elhrohir uses or legolas and you want that part to be mithril it will give you +Agility. But as it is permanent you are gonna be able to update the stats like damage will be 86 when you acquired it but as you level up HERE IT GETS BETTER the amount of foes and their power will update your stats like youre 50 lvl 45 lvled mob will give you really less stats but a lvl 50 mob will you give more and a lvl 50 boss will give you more mightier the foes you fight the better your weapon gets. AND AS THE SECOND ITEMS ranged weapons fro users shields for their users instrument for their users and (now didnt give much thought to other classes but if you liked main idea im starting to think right now XD) will be Legendary items and will be like the first ones. And as for the dual wield users double swords as twins( i mean same swords) will be one item but rewquires dual wielding and will be equaled it s damage and stats to a 2H sword customized like the 2 1H ones.( and if the amount of foes they killed will be equal)

Ideas for now are those didnt think of replacing the items but aginn if you will like it will be starting to think right now. XD