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Thread: Legacy Ranks

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    Legacy Ranks

    i inspecting someone today who happened to have a rank 25 legacy on their legendary.

    I know they upgrade to max rank of 9 and then +1 rank per starlit crystal you put on making it a 12, but how do you get to 25?

    and yes i double checked it is a "Rank" of 25, not tier, or stat effects...etc...etc and he had no crystal upgrades.

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    Sounds like a bug to me. Do you remember what legacy it was, or if the value was also out of bounds?

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    Some of the default legacies, like "Shield Use Rank" or "Tactical Healing Rating" and other stuff like that, seems to actually have a continual span of ranks where a higher level items "rank 1" is actually a "true rank 14" or something like that.

    Next time you see something like that, check what legacy it is! It probably was the basic "inbuilt" legacy of the item.

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    is was from a burglars legendary class item tool, a major legacy with "+688 Off-hand Critical Chance".



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