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    My fellow creeps

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    It cannot be...

    Dwarrowdelf-Gothash-R9 Reaver
    @Celedreor-R5 Hunter
    'Naked dwarf on fire. That can't be good.'
    ~ Sapience

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    But... You fell...
    Chieftain Rayzr of Dwarrowdelf (Reaver)
    Footman Sakeri of Dwarrowdelf (Captain)

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    Hmm, a White War Leader? Sounds lore breaking to me...but so do bunny reavers too O.e

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    I urge the Freeps to get their **** together, even with the loss of Crygin and believe it or not also my apprentice, Garthong (he was useful sometimes), we have regained our former leader and with the Torqky at our side, there is no telling how deeply we shall drive our fury.

    Grouping with Torqky has led me to once more taste what organized Creeps are capable of against ez-mode Freeps with bad habits. (or is it ez-mode Freeps with bad Hobbits?)

    Either way, such event led me to believe we are not yet ready for The Grand Ritual to honor the Spirits and restore the eminence of Wargs. We lack worthy sacrifices, thus the ritual was canceled. Sorry everyone, no refunds. No qq.


    Less Than Three~ Thunderboltz
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    Psh, I think it's only about as lore-breaking as spiderwargs....

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    Shap and Turtles are back?? Ugh wish I had some time to play and farm froobs with you all...


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    Quote Originally Posted by asearchforreason View Post
    Shap and Turtles are back?? Ugh wish I had some time to play and farm froobs with you all...

    Yes we've been wondering where you have been...dargazagazag is needed!!



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