I know there have been a lot of threads about what’s wrong with the moors and things we can do to fix it.

Let me just say that all of those ideas are wrong. What’s wrong with the moors is not that we have fixed rez spots or freeps have horses and creeps have maps. It’s not that Out Posts and Keeps have some sort of function, be it damage buffs or inf/ren gain, or that npcs seem to exist everywhere. No. The problem lies in us, both freeps and creeps.

Let me explain. The other day, I heard someone say something that exemplifies exactly why our moors is utterly terrible. In a raid, the leader told the group something along the lines of, “I know this isn’t the right thing to do, but it’s just how it is, so we have to deal with it and do it anyway.”

This is exactly what is wrong with our moors, and it happens freepside and creepside. This is why an 18 man fraid will roll over a lone red rank creep questing as they pass by. This is why a creeps or freeps will jump in and zerg when they see a 1v1 occurring. It’s why when one side is getting rezzed camped, they will grab as many other players as they can to roll the other side, flip the map, and return the favor, even though they know just how much they disliked being camped in the first place.

And yes, I understand that the moors is a pvp zone and people are free to play however they might choose. I’m just pointing out that people are choosing to go along with things that they think or know are disrespectful. People don't care about how they get their rank as long as they get it and will use whatever means necessary to rank. Changing other facets of the moors isn’t going to fix anything in the long run if we continue to value ranking over actual pvp.