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    An Open Letter to Those Who Moors on Dwarrow:

    I know there have been a lot of threads about what’s wrong with the moors and things we can do to fix it.

    Let me just say that all of those ideas are wrong. What’s wrong with the moors is not that we have fixed rez spots or freeps have horses and creeps have maps. It’s not that Out Posts and Keeps have some sort of function, be it damage buffs or inf/ren gain, or that npcs seem to exist everywhere. No. The problem lies in us, both freeps and creeps.

    Let me explain. The other day, I heard someone say something that exemplifies exactly why our moors is utterly terrible. In a raid, the leader told the group something along the lines of, “I know this isn’t the right thing to do, but it’s just how it is, so we have to deal with it and do it anyway.”

    This is exactly what is wrong with our moors, and it happens freepside and creepside. This is why an 18 man fraid will roll over a lone red rank creep questing as they pass by. This is why a creeps or freeps will jump in and zerg when they see a 1v1 occurring. It’s why when one side is getting rezzed camped, they will grab as many other players as they can to roll the other side, flip the map, and return the favor, even though they know just how much they disliked being camped in the first place.

    And yes, I understand that the moors is a pvp zone and people are free to play however they might choose. I’m just pointing out that people are choosing to go along with things that they think or know are disrespectful. People don't care about how they get their rank as long as they get it and will use whatever means necessary to rank. Changing other facets of the moors isn’t going to fix anything in the long run if we continue to value ranking over actual pvp.


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    Yes, there is nothing wrong with the games PvP mechanics. It's all the player's fault for their play style. Sounds like you should work for Turbine :P

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    Well you see....
    Its easier to blame other things than for people to admit to themselves

    I rez camp
    I zerg
    I gank
    I hug npcs
    I make sure I have more buffs than the other guy
    I dont wanna die.EVER.
    I want 2k ratings. See Above.
    I flip to the winning side.
    Just because you can doesnt mean you should. Theres alot who jump at the opportunity whenever possible knowing its gonna tick people off. Then get mad when the other side does it. I mean dont get me wrong Ive done my share of rez camping and zerging in the past (as all of us have) .

    Enjoy your ranks if they make you feel better about yourself. You know who you are. Rank is just the x hours you' spent in the moors (for some, the x hours youve failed in the moors as it seems)not how good you are, but keep telling yourself otherwise. Might make pvp better.

    Not trying to bash everyone as there are alot of you who have gained ranks over time and deserve individual ranks and more, both freeps and creeps /respect.

    Hate on sno all you want, hes got more deserved ranks than some people :P lolololol
    If you are offended by any of this in any way, send me mail ingame. I have Breeland maps for you.

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    This thread is quite pointless. Allow me to indulge your mind with my words of wisdom.

    Lef, you are blinded for believing all those ideas are wrong. Indeed, they are flawed, but it is only because PvMP is so terrible that there is hardly anything we can do to formulate any solutions that do not disturb anything that already does work within The Cycle of Creeps.

    Individuals committing any of the activities mentioned above (By Patriotpea) are well aware of their doings and regardless of how many QQ threads one could ever post, those individuals will continue to commit the actions they do, for such actions are tedious to avoid.
    No matter how hard we try to blame the players, at the end of the day we as players are only playing the game the way it is presented to us and with the mechanics that are given to us to play with.

    So no, not all the blame lies on the shoulders of us players. However, a player's morality does come into play, but keep in mind it is a choice, so do not expect everyone to follow any "special rules" we create. And even if we are ever successful with the creation of some sort of system that avoided any of the mentioned "activities" it would still be flawed. Numbers and thus balance my friends... something we cannot control.

    Indeed, we are ALL guilty of committing an action that probably shouldn't be glorified, but take me for example, I might be whatever you want me to be and unless I claim you worthy I probably could not care less of your opinion. However, lets keep something in mind, I do have a certain code of honor I play by and I keep myself on check not to cross the line and violate anything such code deems unworthy.

    Although, some might lack sense of intelligence, something we should all know is right from wrong.
    That being said, all we can do is make the best out of a poor situation keeping in mind whatever our individual beliefs are.

    We cannot do anything about a poor PvP system we cannot change and those who can, fail to listen.

    The Xellor, your point was well executed.

    And Patriotpea, I laugh at your Sno comment, all I can say is... Where is the mighty LM now?... Absent from the Moors, yes, where all the cheaters belong.

    "Hate the game, not the player" ~ Alvin
    Unless they are cheaters, thus in such case...
    "Do not hesitate, show no mercy" ~ Palpatine

    Less Than Three~ Thunderboltz
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eomon View Post
    Yes, there is nothing wrong with the games PvP mechanics. It's all the player's fault for their play style. Sounds like you should work for Turbine :P
    And a little time later you were zerging my level 80 champ with a craid on your back and yall corpse jumped me like I was supposed to be able to do anything

    oh my....

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    I was saying Hello

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eomon View Post
    I was saying Hello

    It's basically him hugging you or giving you cookies. He only does it to show his affection. (He's too shy to use the /kiss emote.)
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    im not vip so i only creep in moors

    log in , get quests , turn in stuff, and look for freeps...

    this is prety much lotros version of war.

    you can get ganked questing if you're alone... most creeps will shout out if some freep is doing it and where. and if you get killed... Welcome to Moors!

    and as others have said its all up to individual player / or raid's behavior.

    you get your stuff done if you can then its all about the hunt.. who you can track down and kill.

    and about the camping .. hey its wherever both sides end up ... usually lugz rez, gv or grams...

    whole point of creep side is to get the freeps wherever they end up being and vice versa... theres really no chosing where it happens.

    niether side is going to en masse decide hmm no not doing grams camp or lugz rez camp..sure an individual can decide not to, but if they want to get any kills ... you have to be there

    and stocky my warg chewing on you or my defiler sending something at you is my way of sending a hug lol

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    Okay, here goes.

    I knew that this whole thread would probably be a bit pointless, and no one would really care what I have to say about things in the moors atm. I'm not anything special (or worthy, however you want to put it) freepside or creepside.

    Just an fyi Thunderboltz, I'm not advocating any "special rules" for people to follow. I'm advocating that maybe if people don't like rez camps, for example, they don't perpetuate them. I have talked to plenty of people who actually don't like them that much, but go along with it because that's all the action is. And maybe I'm completely wrong, but it seems from my view point that if people who disliked rez camps didn't rez camp, it might actually be a little more difficult for rez camps to get into swing in the first place. And no, I can't say that I've never rez camped in my life, but I'm confident in saying that I haven't in over a month because a) I think rez camps are boring and b) after being camped voraciously on my nub creep, I find the behavior to be complete opposite the kind of pvp that I'd like to participate in. So I don't.

    And this isn't a QQ thread about camping. I'd rather think of it as an observation that no matter what changes Turbine makes to pvp (and they just had their moors revamp, so I can't imagine there will be anything significant) that nothing much will probably change if we keep the "this is how it is, so I'm just going to go with it" attitude alive.

    You are absolutely right, Thunder, in that we can't do anything to change how the pvp system is implemented, but we can change how we want to play. And I'm not naive enough to think that everyone who reads this thread will suddenly grow a conscience and decide to stop doing whatever it is they find objectionable about moors behaviors, but maybe someone here and there will think about it and perhaps even decide to create their own set of standards for how they're willing to pvp.

    And let's be honest, there's no chance of anything changing if no one does anything to change it. So I posted this thread to try to open a discussion and get people to think about what they're doing and the impact it has. And it probably won't get anything done, but you know, I feel a lot better now having done it. At least I can tell myself I tried lol.


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    You would probably have more luck petitioning for better grammar in the moors.... I admire your effort to help though. While I don't believe your message to be a waste of time, I do believe that many good acts in the moors go unnoticed and that there is probably more stuff going on out there of a positive nature than you may believe. A high-ranked creep or freep that DOES pass a greenie purposely, or perhaps give them a salute then moves on... is probably not going to be boasting about it on the forums.
    Threndinir - Retired Old Dwarf

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    Id just stop going to the moors if you are disturbed by these stupid things people do. Got other things to do ingame than develop a disease from being in the same map as some people and/or reading ooc.

    People will do what they want.

    PvP seems to be measured not by how many hours of balanced pvp (where one side doesnt have every advantage) but by the amount of renown/infamy in the past hour. Thats all that matters these days anyway. If they all log, just try again tomorrow right?



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