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    Congrats Third Marshall Cinderian!

    Grats on the rank Cind! You've really been moorsin hard lately. It seems like you just hit rank 11 and here you're already 12. You're a great person and a great player too. You're a good addition to any group as heals or dps. Keep it up... but not too much, don't want you to pass me.
    [COLOR=#800080][B][SIZE=1]Second Marshall Adanelriel Willbreaker,[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=#999999][B][SIZE=1] Mistress Over Fear[/SIZE][/B][/COLOR][COLOR=#008000][B][SIZE=1] and lover of bog-lurkers[/SIZE][/B].[/COLOR]

    [COLOR=#a52a2a][SIZE=1][B][SIZE=1]~Adan - Incendiary Expert[/SIZE][/B][/SIZE][/COLOR]

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    Apr 2009
    [center][color=black]Will you hold this for me? You'll need both hands...[/color][/center]

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    Dec 2011
    gratz bro, was fun to see you ranking on to r13 now!
    Second Marshall Tarpelion/Commander Huntarp/Master guardsman Vindicto

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    solid work cinderian. looking forward to seeing more of your expert rk dps/heals in the future.

    -Leg the RK
    Legendas the Rune-keeper.
    Commander of the Ettenmoors
    Officer, Brotherhood of the Shadow



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