Fighting some Warband leaders I noticed that while they usually do only moderate damage that they somehow hit me (and my horse) very hard suddenly to the point where they dismount me from nearly full endurance (usually about 4k max) very fast. A glance at CA revealed that I have been hit by a skill called Impact which can hit up to 10k damage. Observing this in subsequent fights showed that they only seem to be able to use Impact when they have the Charge-buff on them so I tried to stay out of range whenever it popped up. Today I noticed that one of my Captains skill, Oppressive Blow in Riddermark, seem to remove the Charge-buff. I think what removes it is the 'Forces your target to ride to your left or right flank for a short time.'-effect of Oppressive Blow.

Has someone made similar experiences or can generalize this?