Is there a more complete resource for figuring out what gear exists and where to get it than ? I've been using that, plus the individual instance pages on the wiki for the Mirkwood cluster, to try to figure out what to work on getting for my mini, champ, and burg. Not sure those pages cover everything though.

As a related question, are gold drops practical to obtain outside the GB cluster? My general impression is that the GB instances are exceptionally generous with loot (my burg got his gold pocket on his first run; champ and mini haven't been so lucky but they haven't done very many runs yet). My inclination would be to just pretend that gold drops don't actually exist, and be pleasantly surprised if one turns up. But if they're common enough to be worth planning around (farm School/Library on my mini for the for example) that would be good to know. Does this vary by cluster? I notice there's some speculation on the champ forum about whether the gold Fornost axe really exists...

Also, what's the deal with earrings this endgame? All three of my 85s are still wearing their level 80 crit-crafted earrings, which are startlingly good pieces (champ is still using his Empowered Anduin set, but will likely be swapping those out for level 85 ring/pockets fairly soon). Could upgrade slightly to the guild Wildermore pieces, but even that is such a modest upgrade it's not clear it's worth the tarnished crest and guild symbol... What I see on the wiki pages is that there are tons of bracelets, rings, and mostly-irrelevant armor pieces out there, a fair number of neck and pocket pieces, but very few earrings... Ditto for rep, Eastemnet faction barters can upgrade rings, Wildermore can give necklace and (if you do some Survivors grind) bracelets, but no earrings that I'm aware of. Among the listed instance drops, I didn't see any that my mini would want, only a couple of tanking swap options for my champ, and a couple of possibilities for my burg (no stats on the Earring of Ancient Enmity, so I can't be sure if I'd want it or not).

Apologies if this isn't the best forum to ask - gear improvement seems like Character Development to me, and my particular interests span multiple classes so there's no sense going to a class forum. Thanks!