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    Quote Originally Posted by CreepHiveMind View Post
    There is an issue with the buffs though. Infamy/renown inflation is ridiculous. 50+ points for a RvR kill? Even more with store buffs? That is STUPID. ALTER the buffs to affect comms, sure, or mits or damage (a small amount), not points. It's insulting to see people ranking so fast after the days of hard earned ranks during MoM and SoA. With the point inflation and kb deed change, it really is saddening.

    Adjust the numbers. 20 for a kill in a raid, max. 150 for a solo. Inbetween for groups.
    I agree. Back in the SoA days, you got, if you were lucky, 23 points for defeating another player. That was only if they had all four stars. At most, you got 8-15 for each player you defeated.

    Nowadays, you can get 50-80 points if you are in a group and you have all of the buffs including the store buff. If you're soloing, that number can go as high as 300-500 for each player you defeat.

    I've been playing in PvP since 2008 and just hit Rank 10 recently, yet I see other players that have only been in the game a few months and have already passed me up.

    What happened to "Ranks weren't meant to be achieved easily", Turbine?

    20/80, Turbine. 20/80. Might want to research what that means.

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    Yesterday a hunter on Vilya made 3,501 renown in 10 minutes. We were a duo (he was solo and I was in a PvE raid forming up; both of us on hunter) but were coordinating our targets in vent. Renown buffs + 100% store bought buffs = incredibly ridiculous.

    I remember when a good night of pvping it was amazing to make 3-4k a night. That can happen in 10 minutes now just thru regular pvp. win


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