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    Quote Originally Posted by Orodbril View Post
    Okay, and you're post is more valuable because you're flaming the flamers? (I know it seem like I flame you but that isn't the point)
    The point is that propably YOU didn't read the posts of the other one or even the opening post. Most of the people above you, take excerpt for excrept from the OP and explainiing their opinion to it and giving examples or arguments while you just quote the whole OP and say: "Well done. Super!" amd saying nothing else. Explain why it is super. Tell us, what arguments do you have...

    PS. such a suitable answer from me is following in a few minutes. :P
    Sorry for the late response as I am not hitting the refresh button every 12 seconds.

    I have read the entire thread. I was just warning the OP that these types of threads are havens for those people that enjoy derailing good ideas. Generally by tearing apart the op sentence by sentence trying to find way to invalidate his original ideas. Many of these people have never even joined a group yet they come rain on the parade anyways.

    What is not to like about op's ideas from any type of player. Lock never stopped me from enjoying the game. At least it assured me that I was going to finally get something usable in a 1 or 2 week time period, as opposed to 100's of runs. I liked the Moria barter system and the MW barter system. Even when I went 10 runs without getting something from a chest I could still get a good piece of armor.

    This current loot system is one of the only things keeping me from playing my level 85 toons. And no one misses getting a multi boss raid more than I do.

    SO yeah every thing the dude said was spot on. Somethings it is just easier to agree with a post entirely rather than critiquing individual sentences or single words. Which has been the case around the forums as of late.

    Since you wanted the disertation you got it. I don't think anyone above my post really criticized the op I was just predicting the arrival.

    Maybe if you read all 5 posts of mine on this topic, in this thread you would see I addressed each one, as well as my own concerns for the direction of the game.

    If you still do not believe I have responded as you like please do tell.

    Unless you think I was too harsh on the poster up there where there was an attempted derail. Simply a way to start a solo vs raider derail.

    I'm not even sure why the op's ideas needed to be disected one by one. It's the way I've been feeling for an entire xpac.

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    These medals are not dependent on level - a level 10 can earn a platinum medal by putting in the effort and really mastering his tasks.
    I doubt this will be distinct between roles, rather that it will be possible for all level 10s to get one no matter what the role or big battle selected. That doesnt leave me terribly encouraged for the challenge factor.

    The Helm's Deep medals are a new progression currency to be exchanged for specific rewards. And the instances can be completed solo, or in 2, 3, 6 or 12-man groups, depending on the instance. Not all instances come in all sizes.
    At least skirmishes all came in all sizes. I'll be interested to see just how distinct the spaces are based on size (because they're apparently built from the ground up for each size configuration)
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