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    What mount cosmetics carry over to War-steeds?

    Does someone have a list of all the cosmetic items we can get for our War-steeds by getting other mounts?

    For example, I have the Michel Delving or Yule mounts and the war-steed cosmetics that match.
    What other ones can I get?

    Can I get the Steed of the Captain and use that stuff for my War-steed?

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    Yule doesn't "carry over". The war steed cosmetics were avaiable as separated rewards.

    Generally speaking there are war steed sets for almost all shop horses (I think Steed of night, the class steeds and all steeds released since the class steeds)
    In game you earn cosmetics in Rohan, at the festivals since Yule 2012 (that was the first festival offering cosmetics).
    In spring it was possible to earn 2 outfit sets, one came from envelopes and was the set for the Reveller steed.
    In Rohan you can get one set from Riddermark lootboxes, one from West-Rohan warbands, several pieces and a skin from East-Emnet warbands, 4 sets from East-Rohan storylines.

    Apart from that ... that's it.
    I think the steed of Michel Delving is the only in-game steed that comes with both mount and war steed appearance as one.

    I am very disappointed that West-Rohan only rewarded one single set - and not even from the story line, but from grinding warbands.

    Edit: Steed of the captain: Read the description in the shop. it says that it comes with the warsteed appearance.
    Reading the description/tooltip is always a good idea.



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