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    Guardian auto ranged attack during MC

    Hi everyone
    When my Guardian has a MC skill queued he refuses to listen to me and use his ranged auto attack while waiting for the mob to close the distance ! Now I have spoken to all my other toons ( no burglar , they are thieves after all and I'm an upstanding citizen) and they are all happy to use their ranged auto attacks in the same situation , so is this a design flaw for the Guardian class or is he just being stubborn ? ????

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    I'm not sure your think is supposed to happen. When you put a skill on the queue, it'll be there until you get into range. And, until that happens, it'll use its default attack if in range.

    And, unless you have the Spur On toggle skill activated, then you're going to have to get yourself into melee range with the mob. It's not going to move itself.

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    Not sure I've made my point Hal . Take my champ , he uses a bow for his ranged attacks . I can have a mob targeted and A Melee MC skill queued waiting to go off once the mob is close to me , now , when the mob enters my ranged distance my champs ranged auto attack kicks in and fires a few arrows at the mob until he gets in Melee range and bang my Melee skill kicks off . My guardian also uses a bow but instead of firing a few arrows until the mob gets close he just sits there ? I've checked all my other classes , and in the same situation they will also let off a few missiles / spells or whatever while waiting for the mob to get closer ? Hope this is clearer .

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    I have run across the same effect with my guardian. In Wildermore, I actually chased after some mounted orcs ranged auto-attacking them until they dropped. Yeah, slow but I was slowly getting used to mounted melee which I find I really don't like. Once I use a melee skill, that would end until the targeted mob was defeated. When I am mounted and riding after/towards a mob, I would find it convenient to maybe pop a few arrows at it before contact.

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    I think this may be just an animation bug. It happens on my champion as well (no apparent auto attacks with bow when I have a skill queued), but when I looked at the combat log it shows the range attacks are happening.
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    My champ works fine Mel , but good idea about the combat log , I'll try and remember to check my guards one ????



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