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    Warden Gambits - I had now I have not

    So Turbine, question. Why did you take my gambits that I already had trained and move them to a much higher level thus taking them away from me. I just restarted playing my warden again a short time back and didn't realize that some of my gambits I used to have, I no longer have. I get them again but I now have to level 5 levels for one of them and 9 levels for the other. Turbine, I love this game but I really hate it when you decide to take away our skills ( our gambits in this case ) that we already had and move them up some number of levels. The 2 gambits I speak of ( the ones I used most anyway ) are Wardens Triumph and Restoration. I had those gambits from like level 58 or so ( don't quite remember exactly the level I got them ) and now I have to level to 70 for 1 and 74 for the other. When you changed the level cap from 65 to 75, were you unable to think of new gambits or even improved gambits for the warden so you just took away the ones we already had and put them at a higher. This is quite frustrating and is very poor decision making in my opinion. I just wanted to come and say something about this. Not that it will do anything since i am sure it was done quite some time back. But at least I said my peace about it.

    Anyone remember why they did it to begin with?

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    They rearranged the gambits to have a better sense of progression. This way, all the 4 builders are after the 3s, and all the 5s are after the 4s. New gambits (or other skills) were added when the cap raised to 75, and some of those were shifted around too.
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    These gambit changes were made a long time ago, as the previous poster mentioned to make the progression seem more even. But there are 2 things you should be aware of as well....

    1 - Wardens primary stat is now Agility instead of might. Currently Turbine has a 'grace' period which allows wardens to have both agility & might, but I suspect at some point that grace period will be removed. I know the end-game armour and weapons had might changed to agility but not sure they did it for all the lower level stuff.

    2 - At some point (Helm's Deep????) Turbine is doing a major class re-vamp which will make more changes to the warden (and all the other classes)

    Lastly you may want to post follow-up and/or future questions to the warden specific forum (https://www.lotro.com/forums/forumdi...hp?311-Wardens). You may get a lot more answers



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