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    Making a Let's Play!

    Hey LotRO community,

    My name is joshieboy but you can call me Josh... really call me Josh. None of this Joshua ####. You ain't my mom....


    I started a LotRO let's play a little bit ago. In it I basically just.. play the game.. but I read the quest text allowed (sometimes in cool voices! O.o). I plan to just play the game until I get bored but I need YOUR help. See, I have been playing MMORPGs for a long time now but each one has small nuances here and there. I am not always so keen on picking these nuances up. If there are things that you see me skipping out on or missing that I should definitely get into, LET ME KNOW!

    Also, I just like having a dialogue with other players of MMOs, especially in a game where the community is active and seeks out meeting new players (or players in general).

    Anyway, here is a link to my playlist:


    I hope to see some of you there and if you like what you see (or ESPECIALLY if you don't) comment and maybe if you really want to, subscribe =D

    Thanks guys.

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    I must confess, the "1 view" on the second Episode at the moment is mine. One of the views on the 4th Episode is also mine. Neither of those I could finish watching and I would not attempt to watch the rest or videos related to other games.

    I have plenty of alts myself and go through the LOTRO starting areas at least once per month... I was curious how a newer player would view it, and while your perspective may be a viable one it does not appeal to me at all. I prefer to watch players who do not use swear words too often, who remembers at least some names of NPCs and can pronounce Archet properly (you could hear it in the intro video in Episode 1 and yet even in Episode 4 you name it wrongly). Those few side-track stories I heard were quite pointless. All I "learnt" from those is that you like housing in some other games (What exactly do you like about it? How does it compare to LOTRO housing? Nothing about that.) and that you don't remember in which year you finished the high school.

    It also would be nice if at least some quests (specially the ones containing words unknown for you) would not be read aloud. The starting area is short, but after one and a half hour of video you still did not leave it. At this pace your viewers will never see Bree or the Old Forest.

    Of course, my comment here just reflects my taste and maybe there is an audience for your videos as well. Good luck finding it
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    I think LOTRO is a hard game to make a Let's Play for, I found your videos quite boring just to be brutally honest, 50/50 in terms of your interest input on commentary and in terms of what the game shows. Good effort though.

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    Not really ?

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    Your opening post alone makes me not want to watch them!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stubbins View Post
    Your opening post alone makes me not want to watch them!

    For example, you mean 'aloud', not 'allowed'...



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