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    Returning to forum home page resets my forum name

    Background: Apologies if this has been raised elsewhere. I made 2 forum accounts by accident and am stuck with them This is the one i use rarely but is the name i automatically load when i log in. (This one has no characters- it's a ghost account.) So, I always have change to my 'real' forum name. Then I post under that. I keep forgetting and yvandriel's post count has risen a lot recently as a consequence.

    In the old forums i'd just log in as Calta and stay that way-unless i chose to change it.

    Problem: If i return to forum home page or wait too long my name reverts to this, the ghost account. Sometimes happens mid post composition.

    Suggestion/request: Is there a way of changing the default name? Or stopping this happening? It's trivial but even trivialities get annoying over time. The effect is a little like the logout problem on the old system. I have to CTRL a CTrL c to post using the right name when this happens.

    any help would be appreciated. (I tried ages ago to get rid of the ghost account and support could do little about it other than attach the characters to my VIP account in game, correctly. I was stuck with the ghost account .)


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    So important you felt the need to post it twice, eh?

    PM Sapience, explain the issue, and ask him to remove the forum posting rights for the account you don't wish to use here.



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