I have spoken to vets about the make up of the blender and I am confident in my fellow creeps that we can remake it and roll the OP freep healing when they stack minis. I need dedication from a few good creeps to make a WL and reaver and rank them up. WLs are imperative now since they are few and far between in the moors, I will help you rank and we will stop the freep nuisance at all costs. I have been accused of telling folks to delete toons before but I never have. I am not asking you to delete your toons i just want you to try WL and come help the fight. There are a good number of ranked Reavers in the moors now but alot of the Wls are in the bottom of the red ranks. I will help you I just need your commitment because I will be committed to you. It will not be easy at first for us to do it like it was done way back when since there are few that are still around from those days. I will make it work or die a many of deaths upon the fields of battle trying. Answer my call creeps I need a few more good Wls.