Whenever I do instances like Fornost or Sambrog and I have a mini in the group, I often hear them say something like "Wow that was easy, I just had to spam the 1 key." And I since I have a level 50 mini who's leveling fast I cant help but ask.. is that even possible? And if it is..wouldn't we be expected to do a little more than that? like anthem buffs etc? I know mini's are in a good spot right now, you might even call them "ez-mode" but I was hoping when I got to level cap I would have a challenge healing groups and have to sort of "think outside the box" and come up with stratagies to keep the group alive..but now it sounds like I'll just be spamming 1 or 2 skills while watching tv and eating pizza.

Thoughts? I'd also appreciate if someone who heals a lot on their mini could maybe list some of the harder things to heal for.