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    Taking from the smallest stack

    How hard would it be to include in the back-end programming to "take from the smallest stack" of items when you're crafting?

    i.e. I've got 170 uncooked chickens, 1 stack of 100 and 1 stack of 70 - and it seems every time I craft, it will start using chickens from the 100 stack and not the 70.

    Meaning you've got to re-stack items constantly, and when bag space is limited this is quite annoying.


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    Yes, this is kinda annoying while crafting. I kind of also wish that when trading items with another person, if you already had a small stack of that particular item in your bags, that it would auto-stack the new traded item(s) with the one's you already had. Doesn't do that, so large, multi-item trades can leave your bags in a mess.

    I found a small work around for the first issue with consumable items like pots and such. If you quickslot the item, and the manually use an item from the smallest stack first, it will continue to pull from that stack until it's either gone or you log out. (Maybe not that last part- I haven't specifically tested it, and don't really want to).

    All for having the system just auto-use the smallest stack, though. Would be so nice....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Temrhyn View Post
    If you quickslot the item, and the manually use an item from the smallest stack first, it will continue to pull from that stack until it's either gone or you log out.
    Even that's gotten a little flaky; I've been using quickslots with festival consumables and have seen them disappear from the quickslots even though a stack of the item is still in my inventory. (This seems to happen when the stack the quickslot pulls from disappears -- gets used up or put into the vault. Dragging the other stack to the quickslot fixes it.)

    I've also seen the quickslot shortcut get bugged in an unusable state -- if the consumable gets disabled when you're mounted, sometimes the quickslot doesn't re-enable itself when you dismount. (Again, seen with festival consumables, and the fix is to drag the consumable to the quickslot again -- effectively, replacing the broken quickslot shortcut with a fresh working one.)

    I haven't done enough testing to see if these bugs also happen with non-festival consumables, so I haven't /bug'd it yet. I will when I have more information.
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    Stacks are buggy

    Yes, I've seen this issue in crafting, festival consumables, battle consumables - basically any stacked item being used by a mechanism exclusive of double-clicking it directly in your bag. Whether that is a quick-slot or auto-deduction such as crafting or turning in task items.

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    That's not the worst issue.
    When your bags are full in the middle of questing and you want to turn in a quest that gives things like potions which you already have or your fellow wants to trade you something you're already collecting it's always a no space/full bag error even if it could easily fit in one of the slots. Oblivious system.

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    When multiple stacks are in the inventary they are consumed in order related to the number of the slot (from lower to higher). Put the smaller stack in the correct slot & this will not be issue.

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