Encountered an issue with Battle of the Way of Smiths Skirmish. Doing it as part of the 3 skirmishes in Moria for Epic line. Been through several times with no hitch, but today was different. One of the 2 random bosses that come out during the skirmish appeared at the end area. I forgot the name, but he was a big red troll with 18k morale. I kinda thought that was a lot for a skirmish. But anyway, I decided to take him out separately from the end mobs that come after talking to Stothkell. As a Burg, I tried to fight him according to my class strengths and was wiped out in a few hits. I probably got him down to 14 or 13k before I expired.

After dying, I decided to talk to Stothkell and initiated the last mob attack. Of course, Stothkell pulled the aggro from the elite troll and died after a few hacks. He (and I) had no chance. And...I failed the skirmish after playing for about 30 mins...poof--time wasted.

Is this really able to be completed solo? Did I get get a bad random boss mix? If not, how in the world can I pass this alive? I was popping the banners and potions just to stay alive, but his attacks were crazy strong and effective against me (haha...and Stothkell).

Anyone else had this issue?