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    Hunter Legendaries

    The hunter legendaries are still as good as they were on lvl 50. Literally. How come the legendaries aren't scaled up with level, like legendaries of other classes? For instance the cpt's IDOME that buffs now +85 instead of +50.

    Press Onward is basically useless at lvl 85. You get a heal for 2.8k max with 1k power. Now that ain't right...I heal faster with an out of combat regen. Thought this skill was meant to quickly give us a heal when we needed it.
    Bow of the Righteous is also in need of a dire improvement. The base cost of a lvl 85 skill is 170 power with a 7.7 to 11 power return given by Bard's Arrow. Which imo is neglectible even in long battles.

    So there we go. The 2 skills that imo were helping out the hunter in SoA have so far been neglected and over the years have lost their ability to help a hunter. And I don't care if you say it's become bloody easy to just pew pew and it dies. If it's easy that's Turbine's content fault. Which is different then skill negligence.

    Anyways, would be good to see if these two skills scale with the level and don't lose their touch which made a difference in alot of situations during SoA.
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