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    Epic instance Echoes of the Dead work around

    For those who don't know, Epic Volume III Book 3 Chapter 10 is bugged, you can not advance the quest while in combat.

    And you enter combat against mobs that do not die. When you get them down to ~20%, they turn green then heal and aggro again.

    To finish this quest, pull the smallest group possible, run to the back of the area hit them until one turns green, then run about 15-20m away so that after the green mob heals, it wont aggro on you.

    Basically space them out so that there are none aggroed on you and you are standing near the quest finisher.

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    i had this same problem for me while doing that epic quest, i had to also pick off 1-2 of them and then run a little further away to remove myself from combat and keep on doing that until i finally hit the end and was out of combat.

    Took me and my friend 4 tries to actually get both of us through, if we had failed that last try we would have quit trying.
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    Thank you for the solution. It would be nice if the can not talk with anyone while in combat was fixed. My first time through the epics
    had no problem but that was without that "you can not do that while still in combat" message. Rather than having GM's progress players
    on some epic quests or have solutions such as spacing them out I am not sure why that is not changed about not talking with someone
    during combat. Your solution is good. Wish they would fix the problem that causes need for the solution. Nobody should have to try four
    times to succeed in one chapter of one book of one epic. That takes far too long.
    I had a similar problem in moria epic where place in combat against two trolls simultaneously and had to talk with someone to advance the
    quest. Again, it was done with no problem before the 'can not do anything at all with anyone at all until all until all combat is done" thing
    came about. If that part of the programming adds nothing and causes this much frustration, dump it. Too many founders will not even
    sign in anymore to get their free monthly TP to have these kinds of frustrations happening.
    I hope it gets fixed as it makes the game not only flow more smoothly. It keeps it from being more of a time bandit with no solution
    or on that a patient and adept GM has to help with (thank goodness for the GM's). Your solution will be helpful but I hope ultimately
    a hotfix will amend the problem of that can not progress anything while in combat. Sure would help.
    Appreciate the info on the solution
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    What a coincidence, I did that just yesterday. Failed the first time (I thought it was "fixed"; was on my Warden and I actually popped Never Surrender, so it took a long time for me to die to restart :/), the second time I just ran all the way as soon as Candaith started his dialogue back to Radanir - was wondering why it took so long, ran back a bit only to walk into 3 Oath-breakers, somehow managed to get out of combat and hurriedly leave the place.

    Tl;dr: just run as soon as Candaith yells out "HOLD!"

    (And later, I logged into my toon in Landroval only to find myself next to Candaith in the Lone-lands. CANDAITH CAME BACK FROM THE DEAD!)
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