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    Lightbulb 6 Housing ideas: Stable, Shop, Pet, Rooms, Gardening, Lists


    • You / the kin master add a stable in the garden
    • Only you / your kins can use it
    • No refresh time
    • Is free, except for rations
    • No animations, just click and *POP*
    • You can choose from one of your mounts / Any kin member can change the mount from one of his/hers
    • The travelling options are one-sided, this is, you have to return to your house/kin house by the special milestone skill
    • Double click, you can go (the menu changes according to the player):
      • To the main town of your race (2 rations)
      • To your house/kin house (1 ration)
      • To any of your milestone marked locations (10 rations)
      • To your shop (see "shops" in this post) (1 ration)
      • Only in kin stables: You can go to any major area node (1 per area) that you already discovered (25 rations)
      • Only in kin stables: Festival grounds (2 rations)
      • Only in kin stables: Any other kin shop (see "shops" in this post) (2 rations)
      • Only in kin stables: The kin shop (2 rations)
      • Only in kin stables: Any other kin house (2 rations)


    • In each neighbourhood of each homestead there are 5 available shop slots in the homestead centre
    • The basis is an alternative to the auction house system:
      • You sell from x1 times the normal price to a maximum set by the player/kin master.
      • The more anything you sell per week, all products more expensive get (like 10 products to upgrade a multiplication factor). You can set this amount too.
      • When you craft something, you can choose "bag", "shop" or "kin shop" destination. The last two are instantly made while the other one not.
      • You cannot remove items from the shop, but you can buy them.

    • There are luxurious, normal and kin shops (changes the capacity of items and their maximum stock)
    • Only the kin master can change kin shop characteristics
    • You can rent it in any homestead that you want
    • You can have as many shops you want (just copies, shared stock, shared prices), but 1 per neighbourhood and all shops are the same type (normal, luxurious and kin)
    • You can drop items with x1 price refund
    • You rent them, if you don't pay, it disappears automatically
    • If no shop remains, the existences remain "hidden" until the next shop is open


    • Burglars can steal anything from any kin or normal house, hooks and chests after level 20, the "not visitable" flag is ignored
    • Burglars can be discovered by a 25% chance
    • After something got stolen, the player receives 1h later an anonymous letter saying what has been taken
    • Discovered burglars appear in the prison of Bree, they remain there 1h. The victim receives instantly a letter from the prison telling what happened and what tried to stole
    • Pets increase the chance for discovering burglars to 99%
    • Pets cannot be stolen
    • You must feed the pet (by money, like a rent), if you don't do it the pet hook "disappears" and you must buy a new one
    • Pets are expensive to buy, but cheap to feed


    • Inner rooms are added by using a garden hook and then an interior hook for the door/portal
    • (inner) You add a kitchen and you can cook or metalwork, 10% speed bonus (but no NPC shops), 25% in kin rooms.
    • (garden) You add a porch and you can "work" anything that doesn't need fire or soil (see "gardening" in this post) with a 10% speed bonus (but no NPC shops).
    • (garden) You add an outhouse, a /bio emote is played, the player enters and all the the debuffs/posions/etc... disappear (1h refresh)
    • (underground, inner, no garden space) You add a cellar, all your chests go there freeing 2/3 hooks.
    • (inner) You add a normal room, more space for stuff. Maximum 2 in luxurious houses and 1 in normal houses. 4 in kin houses.
    • (underground, inner, no garden space, only kin houses) Prison, the kin master can penalize with 1h prison a member, burglars go there if discovered (see "pets" in this post).


    • You can buy an empty fence and then you can buy plants from farmers and change the fence.
    • You can buy empty garden hooks (orchards, etc...) and use the same system with plants.
    • Empty orchards can be used for growing farm recipes (see "rooms" in this post).


    • In the social window, there are two new sections: "Houses" and "Shops"
    • In "Houses" you see by default the addresses of your friends and a search box for find anyone or any kin house (useful for burglars) and check if is visitable or not
    • In "Shops" you see a sortable ranking of shop chains by the past week sellings, number of shops and weeks alive. By clicking one you can see a list of shop locations.

    Hope that any of these are useful
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