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    Meet the new neighbourhood, same as the old 'hood

    Despite the palaver about changing the way housing works to regenerate neighbourhoods the only thing that seems to have changed from what I have seen so far is that there are more "For Sale" signs up.

    The 'hoods are as dead and desolate as they always were and always will be.

    About time we had some meaningful housing changes.
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    So it is a good thing indeed that housing updates are slated for this year.

    I hope they include several ways to motivate us to visit our own neighborhoods more often and even visit those of others.

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    Yes like provide the crafting facilities, stables etc that players have been asking for for over 5 years! Why would anyone bother to hang around neighbourhoods as they are, there is nothing there apart from accessing your house storage. If neighbourhoods are to attract players, they have to provide a reason to be there. We are told to shop local at the neighbourhood store for a discount, on stuff, but we can't use the stuff in the neighbourhood, we have to go off to towns to craft etc. Total waste and badly thought out. Leaves us with the usual laggy, overcrowded crafting facilities in towns and empty neighbourhoods where there is nothing to do!
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