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    view char's equipment etc?

    Hiya all,

    I wasn't sure where to post this so please don't kill me if this is the wrong forum..
    Once upon a not so long ago I could click a "Characters" tab and, lo and behold, there were all my chars with all their armour, jewelry and equipment. I often used that when one of my chars was crafting something for another. I could then check the stats of his/her equipped stuff which made it easier to decide what to craft. Also, there was a way to see other players' chars as well. Handy when I wanted to craft something for someone else. It was a great way to keep tabs on how my friends were doing too.
    Nowadays, I can't find either of the options :-(
    I'm sure there must be a way but I just can't figure out how to do it. Anybody out there with greater knowledge and forum skills? Please tell me how it's done! :-)

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    Depends on which game I'm in :)
    The mylotro.com site was one of the things that was permanently removed for the forum revamp. The changes were announced back in April. It was one of the things that was causing problems for the forums, which is why it got removed. Look for some of Sapience's posts for more information.
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