I am not normally the one to go on a forum and speak my mind. I try to not tell people how to play a game there paying for. But I want to express what I have been observing, though you might not agree, it is my prospective.

Before I start let me give you some background on myself- I am an 18 year old American guy that works full time while attending school. I started playing lotro last summer (about the beginning of June). I joined the legends of the rohirrim after a week of playing and have loved the kin ever since. My class was the champion, I wasn't that great at it and got discouraged about the game altogether and was about to stop playing when someone suggested I play a captain and see how I liked it. I ended up loving the captain and it became my main and full level capped character (VonSteuben). I did daily raiding with my kin until one day affected said to me "come to the moors with me". This was his hunter. I joined and honestly hated it with my captain but on level 75 a captain and hunter made a great team, not like today where captains heals are op but where they actually had to work together to kill something.

So there is a little background on how I got started in the moors and the game. I was a horrible player from the start, even on captain I sucked for a long time on level cap. I learned though and I changed. I'm not saying I'm the best, or even close, so don't misunderstand.

Ok so my 2 cents on lotro is that right now the game is broken. Raiding/gear/ LI/ etc. all broken. The game is missing a few key components that I hope to see in the next update so that everything is fixed or mended. Again remember this is my prospective, therefor in your eyes it might be wrong.

So on my off time I've been joining the moors, I love how nius got the events going and brought people back to the moors, people got points, had a blast, logged off happy. Those were raid vs raid days that were actually pretty good.

The downside to these events is human nature kicked in, people got greedy. They saw easy ranking and went after it at any cost. Raids started forming when there was no need for them, on both sides, people started killing anything and everything in sight with no mercy or thought but by any means necessary. Now don't get me wrong I'm not blaming the events, or anyone for this I'm just stating what I saw happen. This in turn caused everyone to only venture out with a team they know cannot die or face death without a chance of survival or victory. This also made it so both sides would "farm" or kill the other side at there graveyard as soon as they came out.

This makes the moors like the rest of the broken game. Instead of thinking about having fun your thinking about the end loot so you grind and grind and grind to get there. The moors, instead of becoming a place to have fun turns into another spammy.

Now I have played on both sides since I first entered the moors, I switch sides only after asking the group I am in, or log into one side or another when I first log. Lately though I have had people on both sides not allowing me to help that side, or not allowing me to join in the fun because of one reason or another. I'm not saying at all I have not participated in the raids and farms that have ruined this server so much, but I have been openly appalled at it. Most don't know because I do not speak out much other than in rages. I have recently lost a mentor in the game, someone that I rarely saw as wrong.

So the reason for this book is that it really upsets me to see that a good idea, a lot if hard work, can be ruined so horribly so fast. I can only imagine what withy moors could be like if we actually tried again, and don't just go for selfish reasons. And maybe, just maybe act mature enough to see our own flaws and be humble enough to admit to them, so the healing of withy can begin. But only if people are willing will this ever happen.

So that's my 2 cents on everything, this isn't me crying about stuff but just stating what I have seen, in my own personal prospective.

Steuben- the wary