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Added some emphasis.

I like you much better when you post seriously instead of trolling. Keep up the good work, this is a great quote.
I try to keep all my fans happy, I get a little of everything in my replies. Particularly in PvP related discussions Im still baffled by the attempts to make it something its not. "balance" and the creep tears over freep OP, its like one could close their eyes for a few years look at the PvP forums and not skip a beat. Its almost as if people believe this is a serious attempt at PvP at all... I mean necklaces are getting KB's, keeps auto flip, and creeps and freeps have little to nothing of substance to use the in game currency on after getting their audacity. Yet we still get this nonsense, now I get it I was a purveyor of this for sometime, im not better then anyone else here. However my IQ is above the forest gump level and I was able to figure out that its a nice add on for level cap players, its not a focus point of development or (IMHO) coherent thought out long term viability of the PvP. Its really kind of band aided together at the end after the PvE is refined. Its hard to keep replying to these redundant topics seriously, it requires effort and to be blunt I prefer the vitriolic pissing matches where everyone was working on their "gotcha" one liners. To bad those days are a thing of the past, apathy has taken hold....