Alright, folks. My Blackarrow's Fire Arrow DoT at most is 300 every 2s for 20s. That is a grand total of 3000 Fire damage.

Warden's DoT. MEDIUM BLEED---946 every 4s for 52s. Thats a grand total of 12,298. Big bleed is 1200 Damage/tick.

I fail to see how this is balanced in the least.

I've taken a 6 month break from this game. Back then, it was unbalanced, but not nearly this bad.

I shouldnt have to leave combat at 1/2 hp just to survive. I cant tell you how many times i have died with 4k hp when i leave combat b/c of DoTs.

I dunno what to do. Do Creeps just have to Zerg freeps in order to win? I'm so confused.