Hi! I figured I'd post this here because I play on this server. I'm not new by the amount of time I've been on the game(Early 2011), but I'm new in terms as of actually playing the game seriously. I'm only a level 35 lore-master. My in-game name is "Wakingthefallen".
Anyway, onto my questions. First up would be I just bought VIP, and have unlocked the quest packs. Aside from reading the lore is there any point to doing the low level North-Down quests?
Secondly, active kinships. (please no personal bias) I want to join a large kinship that is "noob" friendly. Any suggestions? I apologize If that's not what this forum is for..I just kind of want peoples opinions. I've seen a lot of "Faramirs Army" or something running around, Is that a good kin?
Third, Is VIP worth a recurring subscription? I only have 1 month.
Thank you!