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    The Volunteer Militia - Heavy RP Kinship

    A Militia Legend

    The courtyard remained silent yet over one hundred Men and Women stood within the militia stronghold. Silently they waited and watched the main gate. Outside could be heard the stomp of heavy foot troops, Orcs perhaps or some other similarly foul beasts with only destruction on their minds! The militia Sergeant took his place at the front of the band of Men and Women, as was the custom in the militia. If anyone was going to die, he would surely be among the first! Clenching a massive two handed sword in his hands, he cut an impressive sight. Medals and ribbons adorned his armour. He gave the order for bowmen to take their places on the ramparts; their arrows would help lessen the impact of the enemy upon the militia ranks!

    The battering ram slammed against the main gate over and over and over! The Men and Women of the militia all knew their roles; they had trained long and hard for this. Each a willing volunteer, each having sworn the oath "for the militia, to the end!” They were all ready to die, though some not as eager as others. The bravest of the bunch took their places beside the Sergeant at the front, ex soldiers, mercenaries and even a few disinherited nobles! The rest, mostly farmers and peasants, were more than happy to remain at the rear!

    The bowmen picked off as many as they could from the ramparts, arrows flying with great marksmanship toward the attacking enemy. Many of the militia bowmen after all, were huntsmen in their previous lives before having joined the militia. The enemy below groaned under the barrage of arrows and bolts flying in their direction yet their attack continued. Time and again the battering ram smashed into the gates until finally the doors flung open and the horde could be released!

    Forward it charged, a seemingly endless mass of green skinned brutes waving their axes in the direction of the militia. "Stand fast volunteers, victory or death” commanded the Sergeant! The two sides smashed together in the middle of the courtyard, and as they did so limbs flung here and there! Screams of agony and pain rang up from the melee. The vast number of Orcs began to overwhelm the militia forces yet they stood firm, slowly being backed into a corner of the courtyard, perhaps only sixty were left by now! The bowmen picked off as many as they could before two Orcs charged up the stairs in their direction! Soon enough the bowmen were flying through the air themselves, after being hurled off the ramparts by the hulking Orcs!

    More and more Orc reinforcements poured into the keep yet only a handful of Volunteers remained standing. They knew that their fate had been sealed and death would be their next adventure. A cheer rang up over the battle as the last of the Volunteers were cut down yet it was no Orc that gave this cry..."for the militia, to the end!”

    A Note From Our Sergeant

    Recent outbreaks of violence and war have seen a rise in citizens falling victim to the enemy. Our good and noble people suffer needlessly at the enemies hands. These people did not ask for war nor do they wish for it! Local government forces have their hands full with the daunting task of keeping the enemy at bay! I ask thee, what is a citizen to do? I tell thee citizen, in this era of bitter warfare it is each and every citizens moral and universal obligation to do their part for the greater good of our nation!

    It is YOU good citizen who must volunteer to serve as a militiaman! The Volunteer Militia are a citizen controlled volunteer force who are fighting to bolster our lands defensive and offensive ability. Join us today and do your part!


    The Volunteer Militia are a Race of Men only, heavy roleplaying, English speaking guild.


    Under the leadership of a retired army Sergeant, and formed of citizens from every level of society, The Volunteer Militia fight to defend their homeland against those whom would threaten its safety.


    RP-PvE - We focus on roleplaying and character building.
    Lore - We study and obey the lore of games which we inhabit.
    Regular Calendar Events - We run regular RP-social and RP-PvE events.
    Mature - We only recruit players who can conduct themselves in a mature manner.
    Respectful - We expect our members to act in a respectful manner towards other players.

    We Are Seeking

    All classes from Race of Men!


    Contact Sahyn in the game or Visit Volunteer.enjin.com to find out more on how to join us!
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