Hello everybody, I have some questions concerning the Lore-master and will be happy if you know and share their answers!

Incoming Healing Rating, I would LOVE to hear how the stat itself works towards the Morale potions, Regeneration food, Will food, Different Healings, Morale Regeneration Buffs, In-Combat Morale Regeneration, Out-of Combat Morale Regeneration and Such skills and Stats (if they are affected partly or at all)?! And does Incoming Healing Rating affects the Power potions, Power food, Will food, Different Power Healings, Power Regeneration Buffs, In-Combat Power Regeneration, Out-of combat Power Regenerations and Such skills and Stats (if they are affected partly or at all)?!

As well, I did notice that it is an Independent stat (you don’t receive Incoming Healing Rating points, percentage from any other Primary or Secondary stats like Might, Will, Fate, etc.), of course if I am not wrong (I didn’t have time to pay a closer look and the servers are Maintaining right now, so, can’t check it either). As well hovering my mouse over the stat Incoming Healing Rating, it shows that I do have 5% on it, even though the stat itself shows 0 (zero)!

Tactical Mastery Rating: For a Loremaster it says for this stat that it increases the tactical damage you deal and healing done by you. So, how does it will look actually, what kind of drains are affected, does it affect and Power healing towards me and towards other Players, Pets, Heralds, Banners (something else?), and Power draining skills, and what are “non-bleeding DoTs”? Also, how to understand which DoTs are Physical and which Tactical?

A few examples: The Loremaster has 3 Healing skills up to level 41 (my present level). One of these skills is “Inner Flame”: It drains/transfers your Power into your Morale and into your Pet’s Morale (if traited can affect all Fellowship members within range). So, you do drain certain amount of Power from yourself and you transfer this amount of power into Morale healing which means that we do have First a Drain process which goes into the category of Incoming Healing (if it works in such cases), then we do have Outgoing Healing process and at the end we do have Incoming Healing process, again. All of these 3 different processes are made to the caster (me, my Loremaster). To the other targets of Inner Flame is available only 1 of these processes: the Incoming Healing. So, from my Outgoing Healing rating depends how much Incoming Healing they will receive if it is related at all. Note: I am not sure does it drain the same amount of Power and transfers same amount of Morale to me and my target/s or not, but the Morale Healed from this skill varies at the same time when it heals me and my other target (my Pet so far) according to the Combat tab. Sometimes it shows that it heals me a bit more than my pet, next second it can heal my pet more than me and next second can heal us both equal, so it always varies. My Incoming Healing Rating is the Race one 5% (Race of Man, for reference if needed). Another Note: I never saw this skill making a critical healing nor devastating healing hit/s – that’s ODD!

Inner Flame: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Inner_Flame

Improved Inner Flame: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Improved_Inner_Flame

Inner Flame as well transfers 5% Threat per second from you to your Pet, but I don’t understand, does the skill itself transfers this 5% threat every second or it drains a threat from me and stack it onto my Pet? If so how to know how much threat stat/amount I do have? As well do I stack the threat effect and how? For the Pet the same, how the Pet stacks threat (if it stacks it) and as well how much threat in total a Pet or somebody/anybody can have and can a Threat be capped? As well if the skill Inner Flame drains the Threat from me, what’s happening if I don’t have anymore Threat, what’s happening to my Pet and its status and its Threat amount? Also, does the Threat vanish immediately when the battle is over or when the enemy target is dead even if there are more enemies engaged in the entire battle?

Another strange Healing skill which I do have is “Wisdom of the Council”: Restores 50% of your Maximum Morale: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Wisdom_of_the_Council Is this skill affected from Outgoing and Incoming Healing Rating stats and abilities? And if so, how?

Can the Tactical Mastery be capped and if so, what are the stats and percentages if you know them? As well, can the Outgoing and Incoming Healings be capped and if so, what are the stats and percentages if you know them?

Physical Mastery Rating: For a Loremaster it says for this stat it increases the melee and ranged damage dealt by you. It shows also the damage percentage of my Ranged attacks even though I can’t use any Ranged weapons and hence I don’t have a ranged attacks nor such damage. Or, am I missing something? The only think which counts for Range I could think of is my Loremaster Brooch/es (2 different types: for Critical rating and one for In-combat Morale Regeneration and Evade rating). Can it be that the Critical Rating from the Brooch has any relationship with the Physical Mastery and its Physical Melee and/or Ranged damage percentage stat? As well does the Tactical and Physical Masteries (Melee and Ranged) in any way are in a relationship/s with the different Loremaster’s Pets and their skills accordingly? Note: If a melee skill has a long range and/or radius, but it isn’t written “Ranged” on it, then it isn’t a Ranged one!

Does the Physical Mastery make your Melee Physical and Ranged Physical attacks faster as well, and/or to Parry often or much more if you are using a Sword or two Swords (making the % of the passive skill of the Sword higher in any way), lowers more often or much more the armour of the target if using an axe and all the other weapons accordingly if they are affected at all or partly? Is there any relations between the speed of the attack/s Physical Melee, Physical Ranged, Tactical and Healing prior to a Race and/or a Class? Also are there any relationships and bonuses if you are using the same and different types of weapons at the same time: 2 Swords, 2 Axes…., Staff and a Sword, Axe and a Spear, Hammer and a Club, Dagger and a Javelin and a Bow, Crossbow, etc?

Can the Physical Mastery be capped and if so, what are the stats and percentages if you know them?

Critical Rating: For a Loremaster it says for this stat that (but I do believe that it is the same description for all classes, though I never saw all of them): Increases the Critical and Devastating Hit chances and magnitudes of your Melee, Ranged and Tactical Attacks. The descriptions “Attacks” are not correct, but that depends from the Devs! And as well there is missing the Healing: Outgoing Healing, Incoming Healing Critical and Devastating Hits chances and their magnitudes. It has to be added that all that affects and the Power and Power Healing, etc, but this also depends from the devs. I am not sure does the Incoming Healing rating has to have Critical/Devastating hits and magnitudes, since I don’t have enough experience with the game and that’s why leaving it here for comments to make it more clear, but definitely the Outgoing Healing has to have Critical/Devastating hits and magnitudes, just the problem/s is that the info is totally missing at the Character Panel and from different skills as well.

Few examples: Lore-master’s skill “Inner Flame”. I never saw that Healing skill to do a Critical nor Devastating hits as I did mention it earlier and as well it is a Healing over time healing skill. That means the chance a Critical or Devastating hit to occur is higher and much higher, in other words, often. Another of my Lore-master’s skills is “Sign of Power: Command”: http://lotro-wiki.com/index.php/Sign_of_Power:_Command This is a debuff skill and it does critical and devastating hits according to the Combat tab, but I don’t see any changes to be made at the effect! So, that means the Skill as many others out there are bugged or not made correct from the devs!

My “Inner Flame” at level 41 does 37-53 Morale Healing per second. I have 5% Incoming Healing bonus for my Race type. I saw values from 37 Morale Heal up to 56 Morale Heal at the Combat tab. That means the 5% Incoming Healing was added to the maximum value of 53 Morale Healing for this skill, but what is happening with the 37 one? Why it gives me at all 37 Morale healing if that’s the lowest value of the skill and by default I do have +5% Incoming Healing. So, my concern is, if it isn’t clear, when the 5% initial Incoming Healing bonus is applied for the skill/s, when they are casted or before that (are they integrated, added at the tooltip of the skills)? Or does my 5% Racial initial Incoming Healing bonus and/or all other Incoming Healing Rating stats, percentages affecting my “inner Flame” and/or other Healing/Power skills or not? I know that the Stat is supposed to work and it works for some skills, but is it working for all? Also, in Healing, Draining Morale/Power cases are they affected from the Armour value, Mitigations, Resistances, Block, Parry, Evade….?! They are not supposed to is what I do think, but all looks very strange when having such experience.

How much damage/healing/percentage adds a Critical and how much a Devastating hit? As well I am not so familiar with the Auto attacks and any relations to them?! Lore-masters rarely have any auto attack since they are Physical related: Melee or Ranged and not Tactical.

I did some experimenting before time with my level 37 Hunter and they showed me that the Critical Hits are around 100 more damage over the maximum damage which a skill can do. So, that’s let’s say 100% more damage. For the Devastating Hits it showed me that this amount is around 200-250+ more damage over the maximum damage which a skill can do. So, that’s let’s say 200-250% more damage. All this is partly correct because the testing showed me and something else which was very interesting, a lower, weak damage skills will do around 50% (or less, not fully sure on the weak skills, just giving you the ideas) more damage, On Devastating hit they will do some more damage than 50%. But there are and many cases where the same weak damage skill will do the same amount of damage on Critical hits and the same amount of damage on Devastating hits! So, not fully sure why that’s happening at all. I think I know the answer, but I still need more information from other stats to complete the picture, but still if you know or have any ideas, please, share them?!

I made all these observations and testing about the Criticals/Devastating hits against grey level 35 or 36-37 spiders at Amon Ros (Lone Lands, left from Ost Guruth).. You will say, “Aha…. they are too weak, and you are high level for them, that’s why you have such high values…”, and that’s totally wrong! That maybe will have a value if you face one-shot dead monsters (meaning too low and too weak compared to your level and power) or if you fight too strong monsters. But since those grey spiders are not so low level than me and not so weak accordingly, the values are correct and relevant! Also, you may think that I do have a lot or tons of Critical stat and Magnitude, but I will tell you that I don’t have and even will add that the Critical/Devastating Magnitude is not relevant here, because at the end it will add ONLY very little damage to the Critical/Devastating hits at my low level.

Can a Critical and Devastating hits be capped and their Magnitude accordingly? If all they can, so, what is the Stat amount of all of them and their percentages (Melee, Ranged, Tactical, Healing), if you know them?

Can a Critical or Devastated hit be Avoided, Blocked, Parried, Negated and/or Resisted? To me it looks that Finesse is just another form of a Critical stat. But watching their descriptions I do think that Finesse is much more usefull than Critical and/or Devastating Critical and their magnitudes accordingly. I don’t have experience with this stat and still not too familiar with the other stats, but that’s not important because the point is to share ideas, thoughts and learn about all these possibilities.

Can the Finesse stat be capped and if so, what is the stat amount and its percentage, if you know them?

When receiving/doing damage what protects first the Block, then Parry and at the end Evade or the order is different? As well does the order changes in any way and when it changes if so? Which is the most important from these 3 stats: Block or Parry, or Evade and can you explain or give some examples? Can you give some ideas, examples, how those stats can be rised over 15%? As a Lore-master I can’t Block at all, since we can’t use a shield and that’s why my Block stat is unavailable, even though my Might stat shows that I do have points in Block rating.

Tactical Mitigation: Do you know what are the stats for the cap and its percentage? If you know them and for the Medium and Heavy armour users, we will be happy if you share them with us ! And as well, where goes Resistance in all this picture? For a Lore-master it reads: Resistance provides a chance of avoiding all effects. In all RPG games Resistance means you become Resistant more or less and Immune to all magic. So, doesn’t it work in that way here? If it doesn’t work in that way, I do think that the Devs should change that, after all Physicals have their Armours and Block, Parry, Evade, Mitigations, etc; so, what is left for us the Mages?

As well I do think that here is the place where I have to add the Resistance stat and ask how does it work and how it will affect all different damage types, mitigations, armour types and negative effects (DoTs and others if any), and which DoTs in particular (if it doesn’t affect all DoTs fully or partly)?

Can the Resistance be capped and if so, what is the stat amount and its percentage, if you know them?

As well, when receiving/doing damage what protects first, the Armour, then the Block, Parry, Evade, then the Physical and/or Tactical Mitigation, then the Resistance and at the end Critical Defence, what is the exact order and when it changes, and how? These last questions about the Defence order can be split for the Tactical Mitigation and for the Physical Mitigation, but many times you are attacking and get attacked from Physicals and Tacticals, so, everything gets messy and so it changes the order.

Thank you in advance for any help provided!